Friday, September 19, 2008


Here is what i have been thinking about ALOT lately. Not sure why. But i did bump into my former masters coach Beth today at the Y. She invited me back to masters..hmm..nice to be wanted. and nice to know it is there. Like 200 yards from my house. Umm, no excuse. other than the pool is WAY TOO HOT.

I am just letting it play out. As winter approaches, sadly it is what i do here, I know it is still 70 out and sunny but the inevitable is coming. The days are WAY shorter and you have to have mentally prepared for the bottom to drop out. It takes intention to get out early to workout/ride/run. Weather changes just are tough for me. I like it warm, balmy, downright hot if i had my choice. So..where am i going with this? ( not hot in the pool tho, 80 is great, 82 is ok, over 82 and i get cranky)

As you can tell from these pics ( and close ups they are not!) This isnt in MN. IT is in a freezing cold Pool in mexico. In January they dont heat their pools. Wowee, this one had to be 60 degrees. Wetsuit temps for me. Anyways...I love to swim. As long as my angry shoulder doesnt talk to me about the torn labrum ( more on that if anyone cares but you know you will get my PT talk on that and that will put most of you to sleep) I love to swim. Indoors gets old but overally it is a nice break for the mind and body.
Now also you can tell that I dont have the width in my shoulders to be like Dara. Replace her 10lb plate with a 1-2lb dumbbell or even some item i grab off my floor that appears to be a weight i can do repeatedly for 30-40 reps and I am good to go. Training endurance here, gotta get middle and lower traps working along with the delts and...
I found this scaled down DARA workout someplace. It is about 1/2 of what she does in this one workout. It actually looked do-able and didnt give any hilarious send off times. For example the only sets i have done recently have been 3-2-1's. I hit the 100's on 1.30 and was pretty amazed at that. But no way I would want to do or attempt to do 10 x 100 on 1.40 anytime soon. Unless i had the Chiro appts set up for 24-48 hours post.
But someplace in my head I keep thinking about one of these (see above) I cant say when and I cant say how, but I guess the point is I am excited to think about something that seems so impossible. And the more I read about other blogger chicks doing these I think "I could do that!"
First things first, other goals and other things along the way, like doing a half IM first, like breaking 17 at BlackDog ( PR is 17.01, as coach said "couldnt you have FOUND 1 second someplace??!!"), like doing a few OLY Tris, like running more to be sure that pesky hamstring tendonopathy has left town for good?

But interesting how these things penetrate my brain. The idea that there is more out there to discover and more in "here"(that would be my body, heart, and soul) to discover as well. My sister did THE IM in...1995?Kona. I dont even know...but I was sick and unable to go watch. It amazes me to this day that she did it. And maybe just maybe once her son is grown I can get her to think about doing another one.

That's all I have for today...I will post the recipe for the greek ratatouille but be warned I dont cook by directions...only really matters with baked goods tho, doesnt it:)?


StevenCX said...

I'd be happy just to learn how to swim with my face in the water.

GoBigGreen said...

Start in the bathroom sink. Really.
or a pail of water..practice breathing without lifting your forehead out.

Anonymous said...

Um YES do the IM, for sure!!! You can...and love it that you are getting back into Masters!! YES YES YES! :) Jen H.

Steve Stenzel said...

I need to try that with the weights. I wanna be like Dara.

IM? Sweet! Get signed up for one!!

Eclectchick said...

Come swim with me at Twin Cities Swim Team Masters!

The most beautiful, well-maintained, least chlorinated pool in the area and temps only in the 70's - it's fantastic!

Cy said...

Nice job at Irongirl yesterday. What a stacked field!!

I love that you are turning over to the bright side. If you have any questions about races, just let me know.

IMAZ was my very first IM.

Maggs said...

IMAZ is a great race. You should do it!!!!