Thursday, September 04, 2008

Friends, Family, Chickens and Gitchi-Gummi. A panorama of labor day happenings:

This is where it gets interesting...and this is where my family ( you blog stalkers on the east coast..who know the harsh reality of what you are about to see, especially when uncle Bobby is older than you are)

"tip toe on in."
"A bit colder below the surface. And did the sun just go under a cloud for a reason?"
"Crap, whose idea was this?"
"Ok, lets go check the temp of the river now."
Temp of the lake was 57 and the river was about 60.
So do you think i am a tad bit envious of the athletes that live and train in Hawaii?? Wish i could swim in this lake. Then again it wouldnt be what it is if there were wetsuited triathletes running around up here. Bears and Coyotes do eat speedos you know.

"Bob, your daughters are NUTZ!"

It looks so calm, and it was.
Sister Elizabeth. No she isnt THAT kind of a sister. Just MY sister.
Can you see any agates thru the water? that is how calm it was.

Ice bath baby, ice bath. I look like i am driving a bus.
Elizabeth headed on in.
Fun fun fun.
We had a super duper weather weekend on the North Shore.
The next day it snowed up there and Embarass MN was 28 degrees. Kidding. But reality is gonna hit soon. And I will be booking my tickets west, south, to the indoor pool:)


muyres said...

Did ROG win today?

GoBigGreen said...

Fed won and super saturday will have Fed versus Dokyovic who bad mouthed Roddick in his post win interview. IF it isnt raining all day the fans will be rooting for Fed.

Eclectchick said...

Ha - is it just a mirage or did Uncle Bobby's shorts come off?