Sunday, November 23, 2008

Back to Basics

Not much going on. So when I saw the chance to just have a random blog entry without all the photos of family and nice weather in far off places or any "ha ha, you think it is cold where you is colder here" type posts ( bc you all know what snow looks like and you know what it feels like to lug your heavy mtb or cross bike up a hill) I decided that just bc I dont have anything to say, it is my blog and so i want to write something. Here goes:

~ I designed two new splish suits. One for the holidays. I like it. I like it even more now that i realize after printing it up that the snowman is not centered on my belly. No backstroke or my woeful design will be noticed!

~Do you know who this is?
He is an '83 from Dartmouth, for the purposes of this blog, that is maybe all you need to know.
But if you want to know more, you can guess he is a likely pic by our new pres to be the head of the Treasury. or maybe he has been picked and i just havent seen a paper in a week
~ I saw the Sex in the City movie last night, wow. Big messed up.
I think Sarah Jessica Parker has some long legs..or maybe her dresses are just really short. I bet she could run pretty fast if she had to do a 5k. Maybe she will be the next J Lo in a Triathlon, without all the fuss of "oh I am so great" Sorry not a big fan of J Lo.

~My nephew cracked his jaw on the swimming pool and nearly gave uncle to be some business. Fortunately for nephew 3, nephew 2 was able to paint the stitches black with paint so that nephew 2 would look like he had the 5 0'clock shadow. When nephew 2 told us he was using paint that said "permanent" that he found in Granny and D-daddy's basement i asked him if there was also a label saying "toxic."
Luckily the painter is a smart cookie and knows what to say to cause alarm and get attention.
The paint was watercolor and it came off with some scrubbing.

~Thanksgiving will be awesome. Not sure what the weather will be, but i have a 5k lined up.
Two choices, either a charities challenge at lake como= more people, costs more but for a good cause, and i would get to see Steve in a Speedo ( maybe he has leftover donuts)
Minnesota Boat Club 3 miler ( Ok not a 5k, but who really cares) still a non-profit donation, get to run on a road not a path ( path can be dangerous, ice, lake, likely dog leashes) and it is only $5.
Plus i could see my sister and we could likely do well..since like 20 people run. Maybe she and I can get 1st and 2nd. Dreamin. Maybe. or we can win our divisions. Divisions to be determined after the race when we see who is there. Possible Divisions are:
1) Top women who both drive Volvo's.
2) Top sister division
3) Top woman ( me ) who rode her bike to the boat club that morning
4) Top woman ( Sister) who has two cats, one of whom is an Albino and also deaf.

See, there are many possibilities. IF you have never designed your own race categories to assure that you are a winner, i highly recommend it. Very good for the ego.

~Still engaged. Loving every second of it.
Happy thanksgiving to you all.


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What's a splish suit?

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You should post photos of your new Splish suits... Addicting!