Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day Duathlon for Pie aka:
**commuting by bike to/from a 5k run.
So today started out with me jumping out of bed to check the temps. 22. Doable. no wind. So they say.
Had some food, got dressed and then packed my bag for the wardrobe change ( tho minimal) and headed out on my cross bike. Rode here:
The MBC Turkey trot is an annual "3miler, give or take" that the Boat Club puts on every year.

It is open to dogs ( meaning runners who are being pulled by their dogs) which means an interesting dynamic after you turn around and one dog is head on to another dog, on leash. Yea, could be ugly. Fortunately the runner humans had their dogs well under control. Mostly. They left the shenanigans for before and after:

So I got the Winter boots off, the riding gloves off and ditched the riding jacket. Laced up the shoes and went out with my sister and warmed up. For like 5 minutes. No wind. Yea right. There was a wind. West so we would run into it and then have it behind us on the way back.
So off we went, with the whistle start over the bridge off of Raspberry Island and onto the running path. We had a bigger 'gent block the wind for us for a bit, and sister ran right behind me for a bit. I went ahead in attempt to catch the dogs ( and their humans) and to try to keep speedster Kris Miller in sight. Kris is a very strong duathlete and recently joined in with the MBC to help the ladies win the 4 at the Head of the Charles. I still need schooling on whether it was a 4 or a quad but i know there were 4 women, dont know if there were 4 or 8 oars!

I ran for a bit with this nice guy after my windshield let me down. That is Dave D who is married to my fun friend and sushi partner MMcD. No not Mcdonalds, hardly. That is Lila their ADOREABLE otter who just did her first race. She had it easy the first year of her life and after turning 1 yo in October they decided it was time for her to get in the pain locker and start racing.
She did AWESOME in the stroller and wants to do more.

I think i freak lila out bc i am always making goofy faces and she isnt quite sure what to make of me. Maybe I do that to alot of people even if they arent 1 yo. Let me know.

So how did it go? Who won? Lets ask superstar Sandy for the results, and ST's son Bogey will try to Vanna White you a prize from the prize table:

I know Kris smoked me as she went by me in another gear, that i wasnt able to meet. But i am happy with the effort since i really just wanted to run " faster than i would have on my own." I think i was around 20:40 but then again, the course was "give or take 3 miles" so the timing may have been "give or take some seconds."Thanks Bogey, but even if the STAR OARS tshirt looked pretty cool ( and way too big) I had my eye on the real prizes..donated by Jerabek's.

Honey is on call and was stuck at the hospital all morning. So my initial plan of riding to the Boat House, running, and then riding to our new house was on hold. I did manage to get a good ride after the run, not super long, but another hour, and sister took the pie, not without some bargaining. But honey LOVES cherry pie. So the least I could do was share my prize with both my super fantastic fast sister ( she finished just about a minute after me, no dog pulling her!) and Honey. I trust her, she wont eat it ALL before i see her tonight!

Marit, if you are reading, Muriel Says hi. As do Sandy and Susan T. As you can tell the waves and the spray from the Mississippi arent as soothing as your waves in Carlsbad, but know that you are missed at the MBC!


juliemac said...

What a great event!!
I love it!!
I haven't braved the elements on my road bike.
my trainer is all set up til spring??
Good for you!!
It sounds like Tri's are seriously in your future!!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Oh - I TOTALLY miss the MBC! Tell ALL of them HI HI HI right back for me! They are absoluteley awesome - so incredible and taught me so much about rowing, life, sports, competition, etc etc etc. Yup, gotta LOVE the turkey trot. Whenever I'm in town for thanksgiving, I run it. Isn't the boathouse GREAT?!? It looks fantastic!!

Oh - and as for braving the elements on your bike after getting sweaty and running? WOw - you are BRAVE! Then again, I would do just about anything for a piece of pie like that... :)