Sunday, December 07, 2008


Just a quick update cuz there isnt too much going on that is blogworthy.
So to keep it simple here i go:

* Headed south to San Antonio this week for work. Hoped for nice balmy temps and while I landed at 77 degrees, our outdoor dinner was abruptly ended with 20-30 mph winds and a temp drop of 30 degrees. Say 32 is cold in Texas!

* ICAA ( international conference on Active Aging) was great. Lots of great speakers and some neat ideas for classes and of course the trade show. Wowza. Talk about an equipment lovers dream, talking Lifefitness, Hoist, True, Nautilus, PowerSystems, Nu-Step, goes on and on. Of course Spri, Theraband, and lots of people wanting to build and plan for your newest fitness center pursuit. There was a swim trainer there called a Triton Swim Trainer. I have heard of the Versa Trainer but to be honest this thing looked and was so confusing it made me commit to doing drills in the pool and on dryland since i couldnt fathom using this machine. Nor could i see any senior citizen using it.
Granted this was a Medical and also Business Athletic conference as well, but it still amazes me when vendors say "For your Seniors..." and what they mean is "For your residents that are over 50 yo."
Heck, that is crazy. Most of the residents living in the 38 sites of Independent Living, Assisted living, Memory Care and Skilled Nursing are over 80 yo! And No. Please rid your mind of the thought that all retirement communities are NURSING HOMES. They arent. Actually they are quite the opposite.

Another area I spent time on was Brain Fitness and also Taiji Qigong. Both are up and comers in the retirement realm. Ok enough on work.
Oh yea I got shin splints ( lateral Peroneals) running on the river walk cement. Snow was better upon my return.

*Speaking of runs and snow. I have a new coach. I am really excited about it and at the same time nervous.
Main goal is to be injury free and to let go of all my super high expectations of myself and to be patient. I am learning to run slow. I am learning to ride my bike without feeling like i have to be in my sweetspot wattage and to swim harder than i ever have. Getting in the pain locker this summer on my TT bike has helped me open that locker in the pool. Now if only the water temp would stay below 84. Ughh. Dont get me started on that.
I still start off the block the same way i learned as an 8 yo swimmer, and am working on perfecting that little "hip hike and chin up" before I enter the water with my head DOWN. Did I say "PERFECT?" I meant, feel more comfortable. I still like to skim the water like a stone skipping on the lake, but happy to have some fun with the new dive as well.

*Honey and I watched Step Brothers last night. Funny. Too funny. I love Will Ferrel.
I made a salmon with North African Flavors and Brocollini, Bread with Olive Oil and Balsamic dipper and then ICE CREAM! Yum. I should have taken photos, but if you want the recipe let me know and I will send it to you.

*Soup today. homemade Chicken with purple potatoes and real chicken broth from the chicken not the can/box and Mushroom Bulgur. Does anyone think that bulgur tastes like Oatmeal? I made teh bulgur when i was riding the trainer for too long ( thanks Jen) this morning and off the trainer i had to taste it to see if it was "cooked" and ended up adding cinnamon and having some "more" breakfast than what i had planned.

* Oh and that coach i mentioned, what a doll. I just got a little set of clothing that didnt fit her and does fit my chicken legs and body. Super nice and super thoughtful to make time to get that sent off to me. I owe you more than a latte in Tucson. But we will start there.

* Stay warm all you midwesterners I think the 5 degree stuff is here to stay. For the rest of you, stay warm as well but no whiners about riding outside when it is 32 degrees, ok?

* Happy Week to come.
* PS I am so waiting for my new Splish suits. How long do they take to ship? I dont want my holiday suit to come on Dec 31, 2008:(

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