Sunday, December 14, 2008


Friday was a long time coming! I had some food poisoning earlier in the week making my tummy not quite sure which end was up. Honey had alot of tough cases and surgeries and we were both feeling the tug of wanting a quiet night at home despite the invite to one of the best holiday parties ever! Each year some fantastic friends host
The SNOWBALL. Black tie optional, band, the works. Honey and I kicked it off with a nice dinner at the Grill before walking down the hall to the party.

Here are our drinks of choice. For me, "Grown up drink" as the bartender called it and for Honey.. The Winter Carnival.He embraces the "eat dessert first" motto so we both were happy. Lets just say I am SUPER DUPER glad I didnt have two of those Martinis. It could have been ugly, and there would have been too many self portraits. This is enough:)! Jey and Heidi were at the snowball as well, fun to see them, but it was SO LOUD I couldnt even think. I think i heard her say they are getting married in March and then Jey is going to try to get back to Kona! I also met GO-Go's sister who looks just like Jey!

Saturday came and as i promised coach JEN, training would get done, despite the holiday party alert:) Again, I repeat, glad I had only ONE!

Ride started out well...temps around 29 when i went out and all was good. Until i hit this....even my best attempts at riding in paste, were foiled. I had a "duh" moment and let some air out of my rear tire. I am not sure why i did this but i put about 100 lbs into the rear tire before i left. As soon as i hit the side streets i knew I was in trouble and the fishtailing started. So out some air went and on the 35 e bridge I took out more. Much better. Still had to walk some of this bc it was faster! Sadly once it freezes it will be fine. I thought about going on the women's ride but knowing it wasnt going cold at 8:30 am i headed out early, knowing there were cookies to be made later in the day...sooner i am done, the sooner i am hanging out with my sis and honey, baking.

NOTE: for the life of me, I dont know why the font keeps changing. I have tried about 10 times, i edit it, and it still saves all goofy. Sorry I am not trying to mess with your eyesight really!

Awesome view from the bridge over the Pool and Yacht. Warm enough to take my gloves off numerous times and nearly drop the camera into the river. Not good.

Onto the Big River Trail and it was smooth sailing until i was heading home and had to climb Ohio-In the big ring (mechanical issue with my Cross bike. I know i have to get that fixed.) There was a group of runners from a ski group doing hill repeats. I loved the one that yelled to me "Put some air in those tires!" Yup. Guess you didnt see me sliding around on the ice earlier. Thanks for the advice..and see you at the top!
These water falls are so cool. But they arent when they are still there in May..and June! I was so happy to see the trail plowed. I dont know if they have plowed in the past....Last year I dont think it was plowed.....So horray! Sorry skiers :(
The rest of the day was spent making cornflake wreathes and bars. Sorry no pictures but i will say that making a wreath out of hot marshmallow and butter and cornflakes was harder than my workout and actually I was delegated to the cinnamon dot-er since i couldnt seem to do much more than pile the marshmallow into a dollop and then try to poke a hole in the middle when they cooled. ( After licking my fingers, of course.)

And today, we have rain...what the heck? I am sad for ski potentials and more sad that this will freeze ( and it will) and that means more and more slips and falls. My mom called to tell me she fell already. GAD. People put that kitty litter down for your parents. OR get them some gripping shoes. Or lend them an arm or two or three. Stepping outside their doors to get the mail or the paper is the most likely place, bc they arent expecting it and they have to do a 180 to get to the mail box, in their slippers. Seriously nobody wants a post from me on the prognosis for senior's that break a hip and then head south, and i dont mean Tucson.

Sorry to be real.

In the mean time stay upright!


Jennifer Harrison said...

Don't you guys look so cute! The snowy pics are nice, but it still LOOKS COLLD! :)

Steve Stenzel said...

I'm glad the tummy's feeling better!! You are a brave woman for going out in that.

SEE YOU MONDAY!! (I mentioned our date at the bottom of my post, so now I'm committed!!!)

Cy said...

Great photos from the pre Snowball party. The 'winter carnival' drink is a classic. You picked a keeper :-)

ALSO awesome that you are training with JEN. Great choice there as well.

You can pick all the winners :-)