Friday, March 06, 2009

Teething: or Aunt Julia has a nice shoulder.

So this goes to show you that it aint all about muscle .. a nephew needs some good ol' bone to gnaw on everyonce and a while. And this shows that even though I dont have kids, I am always there for my nephews. No matter what they may need :)

Now most of us dont know the value of a good mud bath. Iona did. She shows us how to really cool off when it is hot outside at the cabin. And the leash. Ahh, the leash. After she had already run off more times than we can count, including running up highway 61 on July 4th in search of who know's what and ending up in the dog pound in Two Harbors...and swimming 1/2 way across Lake Superior ( yes THAT lake, no she didnt have her wetsuit on) in pursuit of a family of Loons....Ok you get the point. She was a wild one. Pure Passion.
My dad said he chose her bc he wanted the best hunter. He chose the puppy that was the most acitve that wasnt sleeping quietly or looking timid and demure. The first week we got her home she climbed up the side of her cage and got onto the counter, fell off, and broke her leg.
I think some of you have children ( boys?) like this! Iona was pure Tom-Boy-Dog!

I had a nice ride today outside. 2.5 hours of riding. I still cry a bit when I see a Golden taking it's master for a walk, but I know that Iona is fine. I am almost fine, but I miss my friend Iona.


Herrad said...

Hello Julia,

This is a lovely post thanks for sharing it.


Steve Stenzel said...

That's so sad!

But I'm glad you got out on that GREAT day for a ride last week!

Jennifer Cunnane said...

Hang in there! You only have a few days till Tucson!! And, you can be "warmed up" by the sun! Make sure you catch up with other blogger Tri Girl Kate O while you are there... wish I could be there too!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Too funny about Iona running up Hwy 61...I have lots of memories of Lake Superior - and it makes me smile to think about her chasing loons and doing all things doggies do. :)

Michelle said...

Lovely photo of your nephew chewing your shoulder!!!

Made me smile!!!

And yes hang in there!!! Iona is with you!!! Just remember that!!!

Charisa said...

Great pic of the baby teething! And I miss your dog for you!!