Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why you need to pick up your feet:

Disclaimer: Something goofy is going on with my Font settings and i cant figure it out so I dont intend to have some paragraph fonts large and others not. Just go with it:)

Ok granted all you FB people have seen this, but If i had to give a rundown on my last 10 days in Tucson and Green Valley the only low point, was, literally, my yardsale on gravel the day BEFORE my first easy day in a week. Kind of like the warning you hear when skiing..."Lifts close at 4pm, so when you are thinking you want to get ONE more run in, know that is when most accidents occur!"
In my defense I was tired. Didnt think I was of course and since I am good on trails and was ONLY running on gravel beside the cart path ( yes the bike lanes are also GOLF cart paths in green valley) why would I worry. Forgetting that over the course of the last 6 days I had climbed Mt. Lemmon, done 4 rides of over 3.5 hours with hills and the day before the YARDSALE I did a 4.5 hour ride with a 30 min T run. Not boasting, just kinda soaking up the love of the outdoors and the fact that I knew i would come home to this ( meaning today it is 32 and rain/snowing...hello trainer!)
So off i went and at exactly 12 min into the nice 75 min run I caught my toe on a rather protruding LIP in the corner that i turned a bit too Hot. I really startled myself. I got up, thought that I would be smart and walked a minute or two.
Nothing was broken. ( I hoped:)!) and other than some lovely blood all over me I continued on my way. Passing some morning walkers I must have looked a bit, well..desheveled, but isnt it amazing what a visor and dark glasses can do for you? Kind of makes me think nobody sees me! I had a bit of an HTFU moment as well, thinking....if I did this at a race I wouldnt stop, so keep going. When i finished my run I went back to Rich's mom's house/casa and was hoping that Rich was there to give me some TLC! He was gone! Then I got tired and cried a bit just bc I wanted someone to pay attention to me. Funny. Then I had another HTFU moment and got too concerned with his mom and getting her towel's bloody:) I iced up, cleaned up and had some food. And then realized how tired i was.
Alas, too much to say about the drama of a run:) Rosemary ( Rich's mom) was pretty funny tho when she saw me. And fitting that since i spend most my work time helping Older adults ( She is nearly 80 yo) work on balance and falls prevention, that here she is, from then on telling me to lift my feet each time i ran after the fall. Yes I think the constnat reminders were payback!

So other than that one down are some highlights:
Lemmon...need I say more. Grind is the only way to describe it. And Wishing that they didnt have mile markers..especially at miles 1-14. Ughh. It really helped when Rene said ( I think it was Rene, or ??) "Its like a marathon, look at the mile markers like you are in a marathon." that helped! The descent was beautiful and other than having a sore low back at the bottom it was well worth the climb. I think Rene and I were the only ones who went to the VERY TIP TOP bc we got confused and thought we had to get back up that last steep climb, oh well, we missed the pie and the coffee but Ally was there with our warm clothing and the motorcyle dudes wanted our picture so we were studettes up there!

Jen, Jerome, Spencer. Need I say more? Great fun, great leaders, and each in their own way gave us challenging yet manageable wko's and advice. Jen is prettier in person. Jerome is cuter in person and Spencer opens his mouth and I immediately laughed bc he always was ripping on himself or making a funny comment.

Cold Tub. Awesome. Loved it.

Roomate Kate-O. As much fun as I would have imagined, then some. We got along great, and snoring aside ( dude, you penetrated the airline supplied earplugs!) sign me up for 2010!

Celebrating Ben's birthday at the sushi place. Ha, sushi was great. Ben was so surprised.

Wasnt really his birthday. Then he yells "its not my birthday!" And Mary and I are thinking "and you are paying for the dessert we just got, keep it down, shh!!!"

Other highlights include:
ALL THE CAMPERS. I know this is old story to most of you, but this was really a great few days for me! I met bloggers that i had ( healthy or decide) had stalked and "Gotten to know" without knowing them. Read their posts and seen the dedication and approach not only to training but to life in general. Kari the running yankee..Marit the superstar motor minnesotan who has quite a reputation with the MN boat club as well....they want you back! Kate-O, Kelleye M, I mean anyone that has completed an IM while remaining happliy married and a mother...means you have some juggling skills! As Kari said in her blog post, it is amazing to see how each of us approached training and life and to be sorrounded by such positive and supportive people. Jenny J, who one time i heard say " hi, jenny from Iowa." and then i realized i had watched too much of the Bachelor bc I was waiting for the next person to say..." Kellye, from Georgia. ( insert nice southern accent.) Mary and Jenny were rockstars running with me on the trails, thanks gals!

So off to Green Valley I went with Rich after camp. I think he was a bit stunned at how much i had to say. But thanks honey bc I really thought I was going to have to stuff a sock in it but you really did want to know what i learned. Besides some techy stuff ( like how to not drop my elbow underwater) I think the thing I learned the most, that Rich and I both worked on the next week, was ride/run fueling. AMAZING what a gel an hour can do for you. Not rocket science is it. But when you arent used to doing it, why would you? We both also fell in love with the Infinit products. Thanks to Beth S for that one! Not so much with the chalk in Hammer Perpetuem. I made Rich drink that and i think he threw the bottle out bc it caked to the side :(

Here are some more highlight pics from Green Valley.
Overall we rode monday, tuesday, thursday, saturday all rides of 3-4.5 hours. winds were light until saturday when we motored back to Aravaca and then hightailed it home with a slight side/tailwind. My highlight that day was not only the Gadsen coffee house stop ( so worth the ride if you can do it...about 25 miles on Aravaca road) but flying thru the border patrol stop at well over 25 mph. Slowed a bit but something about seeing your MPH flash on the screen just got me going!

Yea I dont really like chocolate that much..but i do like white frosting!

Rich's brother and his son were in town...great to hang out with them for a few days as well!
Besides fighting for the remote between the NCAA's and watching the FED play tennis at Indian Wells...umm. no contest....we also rented the Big Lebowski since they hadnt seen it. I swear that movie gets funnier everytime.

Family dinner. Friday night Walleye! Minnesotans take over Kristofers for a good old fish fry!Rosemary is at the far right. What a gal. She turns 80 yo in July, just 3 days after my mom. Go girls!

Oops Rich is sideways. Gotta fix that later:) Ok babbling post, but had to spew it out sometime. Thanks for reading!


Kim said...

ouchie ouchie!!!!! hope you're healing :)

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Let's face it: who HASN'T face planted at some point or another. Seriously! I do it a lot more than I admit... :) You did PHENOMINAL at camp - really! What a stud!! I remember riding next to you during Saturday's ride and thinking, "Dude - Julia is making this look EASY!" - you were great!

You know- I miss rowing more than you can imagine. I went once out here in San Diego - it was great! It really really made me miss being on the water. Such a great sport with great people... :)

Glad that you're home safe and sound, even if is cold and snowy (bleh!). Hang in there - I'll be sure to let you (and Cathy Y) know if I'll be in MN over the summer (possibly sometime past IM CDA - but not sure at this point...).

GREAT to meet you!

Charisa said...

OUCH! Hope you heal up quick - we have all done that :)

Jennifer Harrison said...

I still crack up that you said to me - "Man, you are prettier in person!".....I was like, what PICTURES AM I posting on FB or my blog? crap! great meeting you in Tucson and WE HAD A GREAT TIME. Glad you are ok and nice work out there! :))

Maggs said...

OUCH! That looks like it hurts.

runningyankee said...

OMG that looks so awful. how in the world did you finish that run???? guess you'll always have a glaring memory of tucson! and war stories to tell! glad you had a great trip and it was so great to meet you!! nice to get some long rides in before heading back to trainer land :)

Beth said...

Sounds like a great few weeks of training!! (minus the little spill into the gravel :) Yeah for sun and lots of riding and running! (and good training nutrition too :)

Anonymous said...

I've experienced more than my share of diggers in the desert. Small price to pay for that fun terrain right!?!

You are putting in some great training girl. Keep up the great work!

-Cy (having issues signing in)

TriGirl Kate O said...

I'll work on the snoring thing for next year...