Saturday, January 09, 2010

Live Free or Die

The granite of New Hampshire and my love for Dartmouth brought me to that Title.
I want to live my life with no rules and without looking over my shoulder wondering if I offended anyone or If something i write or post on the internet is going to haunt me or hurt me or a loved one. So that being said I thought alot about what you all said in the comments and what this blog means to me.
Ahem. IT IS A BLOG. Hello...! ? nothing more nothing less. I know that if i dont post a wide variety of things then i worried people would think all I did was train. That i was a Jen Harrison Automatic Triathlete. Jen = my higher power. And then i start to put personal things on and it is used to hurt me and a loved one. Ok. Cant win can ya?

I fully intend to keep writing it and I fully intend to not let anyone else's baggage and issues become mine. Because if I start omitting things that make me who I am, then what is the point of writing this blog anyways? Eh? Then we are all crazy and pretending to be what we arent.

I am not moving to Hawaii, but it sure sounds nice, but with some recent events I sure have wanted to get out of this zip code. At the same time tho I can tell you that I am downright ecstatic and happily in love. I cant say it any better than that.

Marriage suits us and we are happy to be where we are today. Nothing more nothing less. We just get up early like alot of folks, head to the pool or the bike, go to work, see our families and friends, go to church, eat, sleep, nothing too fancy. It is just how things work. And it is working for us, we have nothing to complain about and we work very hard to remind each other how lucky we are and how we CHOOSE DAILY...we have a choice, what our attitude will be to things that may challenge us. We try very hard to be honest with ourselves and know we cant change anyone else, but we can change how we react and what we let demonize us.

As for Rich's saddens me that at a time when he is struggling with real physical issues and challenges that he is forced to deal with material and trivial issues that really do nothing more but raise his stress and anxiety. His job is tiring and challenging but he loves it too, and feels he really is able to help people and do a good job of it. If you need your wisdom teeth out or some oral surgery, let me know.

My job is keeping me happy and luckily not as stressed. I love my job! I get to teach people how to stand up tall and work on their strength and balance in a way that they genuinely seem to enjoy. One of my students told me the other day that " Class was almost fun!" haha. Love that.
Here is a picture of all the toys i have in my basket for an obstacle course i set up.
Bubble wrap, towels, dyna disc, etc....i think i was picking up so the santa is in the basket but they had to walk on different surfaces with dark glasses and carry the basket. Arent I nice? They even got to be near the railing if they needed it:)

And just because I am feeling like sharing all the good in my life, I had to share this picture of me ballgirling for Chrissie Evert. I must have been in 6th grade, and there was a tournament at the old Met Center. Remember those yellow and green seats? GO NORTH STARS! Oh they are in Dallas now? :)

Ok then, back to business. Blogging about training, triathlon and maybe some visits with Roger and Ruby. She is doing well:) happy as a clam~! But one Very Important question...should i get my name on my backside on my new Tri kit? My new name wont fit but my first name would.
Should I? Should I?


jennabul said...

It's hard when job stress you out, even the ones you love. The fact that you guys actively train is really so great for stress relief, great physiologically AND you tend not to take out stress on each other (not that you did before, this is a generalization). Keep doing what you're doing. It sounds like you know best =) Oh and put your name on your Kit - then people can really cheer for you!

Beth said...

Get the name on the suit!! Oh and I LOVE the picture from 6th grade. Too cute! :)

Mary said...

Write it out baby! And yes, get the name!!!

Mama Simmons said...

I totally wanted my name on my tri suit last year but the guy doing it said people would laugh at me bc only Pros do that. Maybe he was hurt a stick in the mud, but I chickened out and didn't do it. I thought it would have been cool though!

Molly said...

Definitely put the name on!!!!

And I'm glad you're sticking around blogland :)

Soul Rider said...

Okay, all you people who are stressing Julia out in the blogosphere: Knock. It. Off.

I'm glad you aren't letting things get you down. Although, moving to Hawaii is sounding quite nice about now. ^_^

I have to say that I'm always impressed with your ability to complete all the little things life entails, and still make the time for intense training. You're certainly my role-model when it comes to that aspect of life.

Jennifer Harrison said...

And, this IS your blog is damn right! DO not let other "bad" people write it for you - be free and be YOU!!!

Cute pics..ha ha

Herrad said...

Hi Julia,
Bloody brilliant that you will be carrying on with your blog.
Love the photo of you and Chrissie Everet and I think you should for sure have your name on your kit.
Have a pleasant evening and a good new week.

Angela and David Kidd said...

Look at your long skinny legs! Very cool picture.

And I see get your name on your kit. People with their names on their ass always initimdate the hell out of me. They must be fast if their name is on their ass.

Heidi Austin said...

be true to yourself...can't make everyone happy! i'm glad you are enjoying work- I hope that's me soon!

Kim said...

You are SOOOO right and I 100% agree with you. I try to not post too personal of things, but then again, sometimes that all my life is.. it's personal for heavens sake! Not writing what's on your mind.. well that's just stupid! That's what the blog is for.. it's your world, your choice and I respect that. I don't ever compare myself in blogs to others training or think they are better or worse..they simply ARE..who THEY ARE! Keep up the great work and I look forward to hearing more about your journey. So glad you guys are happy and doing well.