Thursday, March 11, 2010

You will always be #1

My uncle Angus died this past weekend. It was quite a shock, something we are all still grieving over. I am in disbelief that a vital person can be gone so quickly. He lived alone but was fully independent and was packed for his next trip to Naples, FL. He and my Aunt Marge travelled there often to escape the winter.

Aunt Marge was my 4th grade teacher. She was the head of the lower school that i attended and she was like a mom. Can you imagine having your mom teach you 4th grade. I LOVED 4th grade, not only was my "mom" the teacher but my cousin Sara ( her daughter) was in my class. 4th grade rocked! You have to know she had a special gift to be able to teach her own child, AND her neice. ( and a few years later she taught my younger brother)

Marge left us way too early as well. 6 years ago to be precise.

Uncle Angus was a quiet one. He was the youngest of my dad's siblings, and after Marge passed he made sure to visit and re-visit alot of the places he had travelled with her. I will always remember Aunt Marge for her special and kind words as both an Aunt and a teacher, and her charm bracelet that rattled on the counter as she cut the beef tenderloin at Christmas eve dinner. And for her apricot jello. She made this fantastic jello mold that we still try to make each Xmas eve even though our's isnt nearly as good as she made it. I also remember after church on sunday going to my cousin Sara's house and we would eat Ring O Noodle soup and then get to walk to the Tom thumb ( which, Um, was like a mile or more...! ) to get candy. Sara used to get these big chocolate chunk things. I have no idea what they were! And I would usually get a sugary treat like those straws filled with sugar or the Lic-a-Stick.

Angus was quiet. He gave good hugs though and you knew he was fully present even if he wasnt yapping away like some of the rest of us. I mean we have a BIG family, someone has to keep the crowd mellow:) I remember this fall he called me a few times, and left me messages bc he wanted to help a friend get into a personal training job. It was so Angus, he was so soft spoken, but so thoughtful in trying to help a friend.

And how can i leave out the Christmas tree socks. About 20 + years ago all the men in the family got matching Xmas tree socks, that they wore on Xmas eve. Over the years people moved, socks wore out, people slacked on their dedication to THE SOCK.

Men's Abstract Christmas Trees Socks

Not Angus.

This past winter, Christmas 2009, Angus had his socks on. I am not sure if he was the only one or there may have been one more. But he told my mom..." I just wear them each year, put them back in the drawer, and then find them a year later." We laughed so hard...wondering and knowing that perhaps his socks were so well preserved since they hadnt been washed! But heck, Xmas eve dinner lasts all of 3 hours? Likely the socks had only a good 18 hour day in them. No need to wash!

Uncle Angus is Angus 1. Angus 2 is my cousin Angus ( Uncle George's son) and Angus 3 is Angus 1's son. So have no fear #1, you will always be NUMBER ONE!

Here are some pictures i thought would remind me of #1.

Alaska, where he travelled with Marge.
Encampment River
Lupin in full bloom.

And My Dad and Mom. Whom I cherish every minute I have with you.


Running and living said...

Sorry about your uncle. This was a beautiful post, one that he would have appreciated.

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Oh Julia - I'm sorry. Its always hard loosing a loved one... I'm thinking about you and your family. Your Uncle sounds amazing- what a beautiful tribute. Hugs to you... :)

Michelle Simmons said...

Sounds like you have some really good memories there, Julia. I'm sorry for your loss.

cheryl said...

So sorry for your family's loss. Angus and Marge both sound like they left an amazing impression in your life.

Molly said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. He sounds like quite a character!

Jennifer Harrison said...

Angus sounds like such a wonderful man. What a tough week for you. YOUR uncle would have loved this post. xo

Beth said...

Oh so sorry to hear this Julia! Sounds like such a wonderful man though (and your aunt as well). Thinking of you guys!

Heidi Austin said...

sorry to hear about your loss Julia. beautiful post. we do need to cherish the moment. sending good vibes your way.

Angela and David Kidd said...

So sorry about your uncle. He sounds like a great man. You wrote a very loving and thoughtful tribute to him and Marge.

runningyankee said...

hey- what a great tribute. i'm sure that he would be so happy toknow how much he meant to you. thinking of youguys:)

TriGirl Kate O said...

Rest in peace, Uncle Angus.

Hang in there Julia! I get to see you in a little over a week.

Susan said...

Wonderful Julia - what a beautiful tribute to Mom and Dad. You know they've always been so proud of you and today I know they are so grateful for how well you guys are all taking care of us:)