Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend in Review

Greetings. Sorry no TB news for y'all tho he does seem to liberally "Friend" people on Facebook so give that a try.

Fathers day weekend was alot of fun. The only real "cool," news is that I brushed off the road bike Liquigas is her name, unique i know, and rode her up and down alot of hills this weekend. In theory this was THE training ride for the Triple. I have fallen out of love with my road bike and the seat ( Fizik Arione) in favor of Gretta and her ISM saddle. But anyways...we planned for alot of hills and drove down to Prescott, Wisc to get those. One group did a longer loop and hit 114 miles while Kyle and I ( with the approval of our loving coaches) did 80 miles of out and back. The interesting thing is that even tho the bigger group did 35 more miles, we both climbed virtually the same amount. Kyle's Garmin read 5000 feet and I think Rich's Garmin read 6000 feet. I am not a fan of out and back, and especially when that is 40 out and 40 back into a 15 mph headwind with hills. And I mean REAL hills, the kind that you look up and you cannot see where it ends and you turn the corner and you still have more upupup.

In comparing it to Lemmon it was obviously shorter, but the grade at times was much steeper. I fueled as I will at the Triple ( tho i plan to eat some real food at the stops) and despite getting rained on ( yeah nice forecast error AGAIN for us on saturday) the temps were great. I did not, mind you, pack and work on my wardrobe change for descents from real moutains. Lets just say I really hope we have a dry day in CO come mid july. Time will tell.

So we got that one done, my legs felt it! I did the recovery bath and then went down to visit my mother in law who just had her knee replaced. Grabbed some groceries and then headed back home to get ready for a BBQ at kyle's. I made Venison burgers.! Whoa! Besides Rich saying he felt bad for Bambi, not sure why since he doesnt feel bad for Bessie the Cow, but they were tasty and hit the spot after a long day riding. I was lucky, no T run!

Come sunday the first few steps on my run were hard. My quads were not loving it and i was back to running my recovery speed from a week ago post Kansas. Oh well, lets hope some speed comes back for the weekend. Racing a sorta sprint race...800 swim/20 mile bike ( hilly!) / 4 mile run with the 1st mile up cemetary hill. A doozey of a hill!

We played host for fathers day with both families represented and lots of pool time for the little boys. My dad, Rich, my brother Rob and Rich's son Andy all got some cupcake love and homemade pizza. Sorry no pics, too busy:)

Have a great week everyone!


Molly said...

Sounds like a great weekend, Julia! Your riding route sounds like where I live, wind and all - good job wtih all that climbing!!!

Angela and David Kidd said...

I wish I had roads like that to train on. I need me some hills!

And nothing like some red meat after a hard effort. Sometimes I crave a burger after a long ride and I never crave them otherwise.

Beth said...

Venison - yum!!! :) Sounds like a great training weekend. Hills are your friend. :) Good luck racing this weekend!

TriGirl Kate O said...

Sounds like a good time. So, have you made up with the Fizik saddle? I am considering the adamo.

Anonymous said...

LOL! I haven't even finished reading your blog because the first sentence or two got me. I couldn't for the life of me figure out what TB was all about? Then I realized you were talking about your BF Terenzo!! You crack me up :)

Melissa said...

I don't like venison. It's too gamey. But, I never had it as a burger.

I am also thinking about changing my TT Bike saddle. I hate it.

Sounds like a great training ride!

runningyankee said...

bambi. really?

sounds like we had the same weekend ride. lots and lots of hills.. we had about a 20% grade heading back to our house and hell it was tough. as in walk up it tough. crap. glad you got in some good efforts though.

Charisa said...

Sounds like a great weekend. And your award is awesome :)

Dr. TriRunner said...

beast!! definitely encouragement for me to HTFU and hit the hills a little harder next time. ;)

i've never had venison before, despite the fact that the majority of my family hunts and brings back enough for dinner, jerky, links, the neighbors, and then some. i guess being a vegetarian for 8 years puts a damper on that. but now that i'm eating meat again... sorry Bambi - you're on your own!

Betsy said...

I love and hate the Afton Prescott ride. So good, so hard, so good.