Monday, September 06, 2010

Cabin Bears!

Weekend started with a drive up north friday afternoon and then fish tacos chez cabin with the folks and my honey. Saturday dawned and we were off to a chilly and challenging double brick on the Grandma's course. Lets just say that we waited a bit, 9 am to be precise, to start since winds of 15-20 mph and a temp of 44 was not what i wanted. It was our weekend and we decided that other than a 4:30 pm party at another cabin and the lodge picnic we had all day!

The brick went well, windy, hard, honey was a trooper and stayed by my side as we loaded the bike in and out of the car for my 1st T run. It was cold. I had forgotten that "quads feel like ice picks" feeling. Toes cold and the reminder that my patients/residents with neuropathy have this every day. So i sucked it up! The 2nd bike was shorter, but harder, and off we went. The wind was there, but it really was just There and we both decided we were going to ride thru it and not let it bother us. Victory! After the 2nd run we headed back to the cabin as my sister had brought up a growler...of COLD PRESS!! ha! IT was delish. hot or cold, cold press is wonderful.

The rest of the weekend was spent napping, eating, resting, reading, hiking, visiting with family and friends, and running Ruby in and out of the Lake. There were a few ice bathes taken. And MY O MY, the river has cooled off significantly since august. I didnt dare go to the lake as i could tell from Ruby's temp that it was way below ice bath temp necessity.

We also found some new friends:

Our new bear "Elizabeth." Ok that isnt really her name but it's funny and is a dumb story so i wont tell you all. ( Eliz is my sister)

And as we left to head home, somebody was very sad to see us go:(
I got in a good hard swim at the lake today ( the lake meaning SQUARE LAKE) and yes indeed the temps there were dropping as well. I Didnt wear a wetsuit but if i hadnt been doing starts and sprints i would have needed one. My cool down was just that....a COOL DOWN and i was happy to be done.
Happy week to everyone and good luck to you all racing in Madison. You are gonna do great and I cant wait to cheer you on!


Beth said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend Julia!! Poor Ruby looks so sad! Have a great time cheering/volunteering in Madison! :)

Angela and David said...

It was cold on Saturday! I want the heat back.

Sounds like an awesome weekend but what is a cold press?

And I'll keep an eye out for you in Madison. We are swimming the course and riding the course on Saturday if you have any interest.

Anonymous said...

I am frightened that it's that cold already! Looks like you had a great weekend and poor Ruby, she is just too cute! Will I see you in Madison?

Betsy said...

Madison! This weeekend!!!! Can't wait! This is going to be the longest 2 days at work ever for me!

I plan to post photos of what I am going to wear so you can spot #2466!

JV said...

Hey Julia! Great long season since Galveston! Hard to believe it is getting cold already :( If you are coming to Madison - we will have to get intros thru Jen and say "Hello"!

Black Knight said...

The lovely dog looks very sad. The new friends are cute.
A great week-end.

Kim said...

I felt the same way about riding this weekend - burrr!! I also did some of the same things - spent napping, eating, resting, reading, hiking, visiting with family and friend - well, minus the hiking!! So fun! Glad you had a great weekend!!

ADC said...

Elizabeth the bear. We normally give them names like Herbert, George etc. :) Fun weekend. I love the look of that cabin.

Heidi Austin said...

awww cute bears ! i miss you julia ~ i'm soo far behin on blogging :) brr cold already! yuck!!!

Running and living said...

Cute bears. And I agree, what is up with the weather. Oh, it is Fall! Darn!