Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Moving On

Thanks friends. Enough of that, go back and read the MG tri report, its far more fun than the recent post. Sometimes things just get whacked. For the record i had no evil or mean comments. For all of you thinking that, I appreciate your willingness to defend, guns ( pipes, biceps) drawn.
I wish that was all it was. Anyways...Life is good, go out and enjoy it.
And send some Flushing Meadow love to Rog. We want another Open title.
Have a great week!


Libby said...

hey girlie
sending my love to ya too! hugs!!! I let people get me down too sometimes, but usually the one's that get you down aren't all that worthwhile of human beings anyways :) the ones that matter are all the friends that love ya! congrats on the oly and go Rog!
by the way... we may have the same race on our schedule in 2011 ;)

Teresa said...

Life is good!! And I love your blog and for a second wanted to try to figure out the "hater-person" but realized we have zero time or energy that needs to be wrapped here I am telling you to keep on keeping on because you are loved by so many!!!

Congrats on the fab race!!