Wednesday, January 26, 2011

There is still snow on the ground....

Hi Y'all....sorry i have been busy!

Well we had a great vacation to Mexico. I cant lie and say I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mexico, I dont. But i also cant lie and say I would rather be here. Call me a spoiled brat, and I will say "no, but i would prefer to go to Az" if you will, but either way I am lucky that i have the chance to get away in January, and leave it at that.

Highlights were:

Mid 70's, not super hot, but warmer than what they were getting back here.
Outdoor swims and runs
Towel year we had an iguana in the bath tub and it scared the daylights out of us...

Don Julio

Shrimp pictures i ate it all.

Sculptures in Dwntn PV, so cool!!

Sales people wanting to sell my aging parents things they didnt need, and people always looking for a tip...oh wait, i got into the section of the blog i said i wouldnt post, what I DONT like about Mexico. here is my dad showing his muscles so he can beat off the timeshare sales people. Rich is admiring the gun show. ( ha ha, now you see where i get my puny guns)

It does freak me out a bit to see "Kids" in fatigues at the airport, carrying M-16's. And it does freak me out a bit to know that as an American ( yes we think we are all THAT) but we have no rights in Mexico and really i dont think i want to test that one, ever. So as much as i would like to wander off the resort property and run and linger, i just play tourista and try to be a good little girl when there.

Two funny stories, though..When we entered the country ( Mexico) they ask you if you have any fruit. I always have brought some oranges or apples with me, bc you never can get fresh fruit too easily, And since its organic and from the US I figure ( arrogantly) that its not going to bring any parasite or anything that can cause a massive crop breakdown to their ecosystem. Granted I know i am not right, but heck they are organic satsuma Oranges, not something i got in an alley of a 3rd world country. Plus i just didnt really figure anyone would care. Whoops. I was wrong. When we went thru Customs /Immigration if We ( my mom too ) didnt set off all the bells and whistles. We had the full on luggage search for every last orange ( i had them in my carry on actually) and at one point the lady was yelling at my mom " APPLE!!!" and my mom was yelling back " PEAR!!! " "Apple...PEAR!!!!" it was too funny. It was a pear, by the way. Then the woman was yelling " CEREAL, CEREAL..." We were like "huh?"

My Dad and Rich, stood by thinking they were going to have a fun week while mom and i sat in a mexican jail, but to their disappointment we got out and we pouted for a day when we had no fruit to eat. And on the way home into the states, yes we had no bananas, we had no bananas, today.

I also dont get why they are so against people running. You ask where to run? they say " Brio, treadmill." Um no. So i hit the golf course path ( there are 18 holes and more being built) but when i get to people ( usually American or Canadian) I stop, I wait, I know proper ettiquette and i also know to ask them " Do you mind if i run while you are golfing?" Heck I get more high fives and " GO GIRL" and off I go. The last day I was running and someone who looked like a construction person not even a golf pro, stopped me, saying " ALTO" I said " Pour Quoi?" in my best French ( seriously, I dont know spanish other than phonetics) and when he didnt answer i said " Au revoir" and off i went. There was NO BODY ON THE COURSE. NOBody. It's like "What is your deal?" Do you think me running on the path or on the side of the grass at times is any worse for your course than driving those big old carts all over the place? I know its just that they dont want to encourage people to walk? Seriously? Yes I think those resorts are really just hoping you sit by the pool and drink and eat so your belt is even tighter than when you came.

Last, funny story. The Red flag at the beach is always up. ALWAYS. We were on the Pacific side of Mexico, but still, this is an ocean front resort, chairs on the beach, Rich goes to ask why.
"Well, you know....could be....Jelly Fish......could be.....these long snakes with these sucky things that dont have eyes, they wrap around you and pull you down to the bottom and.....( seriously?)"

Rich said "what about E- coli? do you test that?"
Answer "oh yes that too, could be that."

It's like seriously? Lame.

Of course the thought of a snake ( morey eel) pulling me down kept me in the pool, so the scare tactic worked great. Still its good to be home. ( Even tho we came home in the dark to a garage door that the plow ( we call him Mario) had rammed in while we were gone.

And finally a big thank you and shout out to my wonderful parents who every year ask us to be their chaperone's to Mexico. I think i have the fittest, most fun 80+ yo parents out there.
Love you guys, and cant wait till next year.
PS we are finding a hiding place for the oranges.


Charisa said...

your parents are awesome!

Jennifer Harrison said...

SO glad you had a break from this cold/snow we all have had ....and sunshine and your parents and Rich - how awesome!! :) glad you had a great vacay! Arizona is next up!

Beth said...

Oh how fun...and warm...and sunny!! And you went at such a great time with all the snow and REALLY REALLY cold temps we had. Your parents are awesome!! :)

Molly said...

woohoo for sunshine and warmth!!! :-) Cracking up about the red flag because it was the same for us in Jamaica. I swam it anyway ;p

cheryl said...

You so deserve a vacation someplace tropical every winter for living in Minnesota! You know, last year in Tucson, the golf course folks yelled at me for running on the path and the grass. weird. where are you going to hide oranges???

Running and living said...

Love this. And that could have been my mom and I. We always carry fruit with us! Always!

TriGirl Kate O said...

You should've snuck me in your luggage. At least I speak Spanish and could get you out of those pickles...ha!

Hooray for sunshine. Boo for no run routes (no beach running??)

We need to talk AZ overlap. Hugs

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a fun vacation...and with your parents too! Most parents don't sound as peppy as yours do so I'm glad yours are fun to kick around with! Hope we are all still peppy at 80+! Welcome back!! -Kate

Michelle Simmons said...

Great stories! I would have tried to sneak the fruit in too. Scott always gets on me about that but I'm like seriously- I'm going to EAT them before they can possibly cause any damage. ;)

Anonymous said...

Your parents are seriously adorable! And AZ really is a lovely place to be. :)

Strange about the running. The only place I have been in Mexico is Cozumel - twice. Last winter when I went I woke up early each day and ran for 1-2.5hrs along one of the main roads. Everyone was super nice as they drove their scooters to work. But they had just had their first Ironman race a couple months before and LOVED Ironman, seriously they all wanted to train for the event the following year!

Okay, so my idea of Mexico is skewed... Hope you are staying warm in MN. Drink a margarita and imagine yourself on the beach. :) hehe

Steve said...

Glad you had a good trip. Really excited you made it back in time to enjoy all of February. Soooo excited for you. :)

Kim said...

aw julia - what a wonderful break away from this crappy weather! fun stories. welcome back!

Melissa said...

Ohhh, last time we were in Sayulita we did an evening in PV and that big scupture of the Grim Reaper in front of a bar (the first pic you posted of the 'art' stuff)...totally freaky. they had red flags all along PV at that time too, snore.

Glad you had a warm trip though! So you prefer AZ? Hmmmm, I've never vacationed there but I keep hearing it's awesome!

Melissa said...

P.S. running...if you go again and have time to spend in Sayulita (about an hour away) there are some great running paths through the forest on both the north and south border of town, I love running there!

runningyankee said...

poor naranjas.... all tied up in mexican customs.. they are probabaly peeling them as you walked away.. boo!!!

Melissa said...

I would do anything (almost anything) to be able to wear shorts right now. I don't blame you for staying on the hotel grounds.

Dr. TriRunner said...

ohhh you just made me so excited. i'm going to mexico with my padre in MARCH! to the beautiful state of QQQUUINTANA ROO!

haha love your parents.


EZnJ said...

Awesome trip Julia! fruit confenscated going from island to island in HI - sucked seeing them throw it :(

Heidi Austin said...

you all are taking a beating with the snow! sooo glad you got to escape for a bit :)