Thursday, January 13, 2011

Time for a break....

So what's new? I need a break!

No i dont mean this kinda break:

I’m lovin’ it®
But i love me some Mickey D's ice cream cones and they DO stay open all winter. And seriously I am not that obsessed with ice cream even tho i tend to write about DQ and now McD:) But here's a secret, I do like Ice cream or Fro-yo MORE THAN CUPCAKES! Shh... I dont want my sister in law to hear that.

I mean this kinda break:

Get me a little beach time, Ok? Safely, not much sun tanning goes on with this body bc of the Melanoma stuff but still will be good to get out of here. This winter is grating on me. I have never felt like driving around the metro has taken so much out of me, but when you are getting snow and cold every day it makes driving tough not to mention running or walking outside. And that is that. I promised to not whine all post about snow and cold, bc I am sick of it, likely more than you are sick of reading about it.

So some fun stuff in the bullet point fashion:

*Still seeing Dr Josh for some hammering of my lateral hamstring and ITB.

It is sore for about 48 hours and makes me feel like i am going backwards but i know I am not. I even ran on the Alter G treadmill the other day. That is pretty darn cool. Hope to use it again soon. If you live anywhere near MSP, you gotta check out Dr. Josh and his amazing staff. You also can rent the Alter-G Tm at a very reasonable rate.

*Work is good. I love my seniors i teach, I just wish more of them would come to my classes. Its hard to teach people who have never exercised in their lives to want to all the sudden start. I cant say this is true of everyone but the people that keep coming back, despite knee pain or some pain are the one's that eventually tell me ( usually more than 3x in one class, hahaha!) That they "used to play golf and walk all 18 holes.." or " used to be a postal carrier and walked the entire route in winter weather just like today.."

To some extent i have no issue with people in their 80-90s who dont want to move. But to some extent i wish they would try, have faith or trust that they MAY feel better after 4-6 weeks of consistently moving a little bit. I Wont go into the entire behavior change model... not for this blog. But I still love those that are willing to give it a try, and those that arent, they just call me " the exercise lady." ha!

*Got some strength things up my sleeve. Not sure how that will play out but stay tuned. I am excited. I wish i had started sooner but... better late than never, I hope. Lotsa hoopla from a few bloggers that are turning 40 this year ( yesterday!) but i plan to be all stealth and turn 45 and pass you at the finish line ( or before). No really I am trying to look at the strength piece as good for me. Forget Tri ( seriously, just for a sentence or two, you can do it) and realize these years 40-50 yo, are pretty critical for strength maintenance.

Losing it? Yes we are. So GET ON IT and keep some strength.

Thanks to Carrie for that one.

*Family is good. I am so lucky to be married to the best husband i could ask for. Everyday his generosity and his love for me and my craziness, blows me away. That's all I can say on that, but trust me i have LOTS to say about him, I just cant put it on the blog.

* And last but not least I am a new aunt again. Cant beat that feeling. Here is my sister in law and my brother in law with their new son.


And since we wanted Ruby to be the baby wrapped in a blanket, we let her try too:
I am not sure why she isnt sleeping like Ace?


cheryl said...

that's the cutest darn baby I've ever seen!

Dr. TriRunner said...

I didn't know you see Josh!! I shadowed him when I was still in my "what medical career will I have" mode. Love him!

Haha and I love Ruby. That picture is great!

Betsy said...


Angela and David said...

Ace is too freaking cute. Makes me want to bump up the time frame for when we'll consider getting a dog.

I'll miss you this weekend! I am taking all of my warmest clothes.

One day you'll have to hook me up with Dr. Josh.

Molly said...

Let's see if I can hit all of that in random order...

WAY cuter than a human baby.

Strength stuff rocks. I am so enjoying doing more than ever this year and I KNOW it will be good for me racing.

I hope you get that nice warm vacation soon!!! You deserve it.

I'm not that into cupcakes either.

I want to be the 80 year old lady that is still moving all the time!!!

Steve said...

Still here. :)

Running and living said...

Icecream over cupcakes ANY time!
I absolutely agree with strength training. I don't do enough of it, but I do more than I did last year:) We got hit with a bunch of snow and every time I get a negative thought about that I think about where you live and that makes me shut up:)

Anonymous said...

awww Ace and Ruby!! TOO SWEET :)

ADC said...

Ace is adorable. They really our like babies.
Glad to hear all is going well (apart from the weather that is.)

Rebecca DeWire said...

I love the newborn puppy pic all wrapped up and sleeping! Ha, that is super cute.

I hear ya on the break...we just booked a trip to the Bahamas in May.

I hope that your ITB and hamstring are OK and I am glad to hear that it is possible to be sore for days after. I have restored myself to feeling biomechanically normal (first time in 2 yrs) after foam rolling my right TFL and glute med, but I am SO sore. I feel like I am headed in the right direction, though.

BriGaal said...

oh my gosh that puppy is so cute! I hear you about being cold all the time. And I really can't complain like you did get to 50 today here :)

Libby said...

wait wait. did I miss YOUR birthday???
don't think so but if I did, happy belated b-day. hope you are doing well. come visit me at the beach and we will train! (although NE FL has been pretty cool as well. would feel like a heat wave for you though).
hope you are doing awesome! I'm going to send you hip videos, just haven't gotten the courage to video myself doing them :)

SSB said...

I want a new puppy! So cute!

Rural Girl said...

You sound like you enjoy winter as much as I do. My husband I keep threatening to move to AZ. The teen and tween don't like that idea too much though!

Melissa said...

Have you tried the Oatmeal at McDs? I have not but am thinking about it.:) Try not the think about winter. It's early. You will drive yourself insane. Congrats on becoming a new aunty. Yes, strength is the way to go.

Teresa said...

What an amazing job you have! Puts a different perspective on things.

Congrats Auntie!! :)

Ange said...

Hope you had a super trip!!!
I agree @ strength training's critical.
hope you're well. Hang in there with the winter weather. :)

Heidi Austin said...

ooooh so freaking cute! hope your ham and ITB are feeling better :) and getting old people to exercise is never easy (as i am learning myself) hahahah

runningyankee said...

OMG that is the cutest dog EVER! ever. ever. ever.