Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Year's Eve and 2010 recap

Well 2010 went out with a bang and so far, other some bike time, pancakes for brunch and windchills that made me happy to be inside for now, 2011 has been wonderful!
Last night we went to my parents house for dinner. This has become a nice tradition where we have lobster and have an early dinner and then go home to watch a movie and fall asleep in the middle of the movie. Last night didnt disappoint in the excitement for a few reasons...

1)The weather was iffy. They had forecast freezing rain but really never happened and other than scaring all the people who watch the news 24-7. The driving was fine, temps dropped and it got cold! When we woke up today windchills were -10 and temp was 2. hmm..

2)Luckily the weather held so my parents had4 live lobsters that they didnt have to try to eat alone..we cooked them up and sat down to dinner. My dad did a lovely job of draining them and cutting the claws and the tail so all we had to do was use our crackers and dig out the meat.
Somehow I was struggling to get the tail out of it's shell and when it did pop out it popped right off my plate and into a waiting mouth next to the table:

Yes Miss Ruby was planted next to the table and when that tail went airborne she did not miss a beat, and before i could even say "NO!" it was gone.

Happy 5th Birthday to Ruby! I didnt starve, and it wasnt her fault. We had a laugh, we shared the rest of the lobsters and Ruby was quite thrilled with her birthday feast. Even tho i dont think she even chewed it. And no butter:) To be honest Rich reminded me that I had let her smell the lobster and he thinks that she was ready to pounce and figured it was for her anyways:) Maybe she was right.

Then as if that was not enough i broke a glass, then while carrying it out ( the clean up) I managed to drop it again and more glass went flying. Yup. Butter fingers all night long.
To top it off I hugged my dad good night and said "Happy 2007!" WAIT?
two thousand seven sounds like.....
two thousand eleven???

And really, I had 1 drink before dinner and 1 glass of lightweight. I think i was just giddy and excited. I love ruby I love my parents I love my husband and we had a blast! ( and I do love Lobster!!!)

I have a longer post to do on 2011 and my intentions for the year. I dont do resolutions and have learned that when I "give something up," it makes want it that much more. Rules dont work for me. Goals and a path as to what I want to have happen in 2011 are far more valuable to me, and i like the idea that there can be a trend to how i live my life.

It isnt "At the end of this day, Did i fail or did i succeed?" It's more about the big picture and my overall happiness and health. It just works for me even tho, YES. I have to be reminded just like anyone else of the big picture. Like anyone I do get caught up in the little victories or the little defeats. But really that is all those are, in my opinon, my ego needing to be stroked for short term gratification. I know some people need to go cold turkey on stuff, but that never sticks for me. Seems like the right thing at the time but come 3 days i go "So why did i say i would do/not do that?"

As for 2010: Lots to be thankful for. It was a busy year. I wont be racing as much in 2011 which is ok....I trust the plan and the coach:)

Good friends and fun travels:
Pink Sox rock!
Tennis with the best and fittest dad out there:
A new team to play with, hang out with, and a great store that supports the local and national triathlon scene in so many ways. I cant wait to wear the GW colors in training and racing.
Ok that got a bit into 2011!
To Be Continued!
Happy New Year!


Beth said...

Roxy is jealous of Ruby's birthday feast! :)

Happy New Year! 2011 will be a great one for you Julia!

Running and living said...

Happy New Year!
I don't do resolutions either. I don't need an occasion to change things, I can do that anytime.

Pedergraham said...

Oh, Ruby you smart pup! Sounds like a wonderful way to ring in the New Year. I look forward to following along with your 2011 race season...and hoping that it includes a trip here for AG Nationals (or maybe in 2012)!

Michelle Simmons said...

Happy New Year, Julia!

Dr. TriRunner said...

Sounds like a great NEW year ahead! I don't do "resolutions" either... but I'm all about goals! And I linked you in my last post! :D

Molly said...

Happy new year to you and your family!!! Sounds like you had quite the fun night. Ruby is a smart girl :-)

Anonymous said...

yummm... lobster! And I love that Ruby was there waiting for you to drop some her way. She sounds adorable and just like Cody. :)

I can't wait to hear about your intentions for 2011. I'm glad to not be the only one who doesn't do resolutions. Where did that come from anyway?

And the ego thing. I wish everyone knew they had an ego and was aware of the issues it can cause.

Happy New Year Julia and I wish you a happy and healthy year!!


Jenn said...

Too funny with the dog and the lobster! Lobster is so hard to come by in this hick town you may have found me pumping Ruby's stomach to get it back-ha! Looks like you had a great New Year! looking forward to reading about your intentions:)

Angela and David said...

Happy New Year! Ruby is one smart dog. And now I could really go for some lobster.

Damie said...

Happy 2011 to you too! :))))))

sallyaston said...

Happy new year! Hope you acheive everything you want to this year! :-)