Saturday, March 05, 2011

Ok all the cool kids are doing it so...

A: 44
B: Bed ...KING and the best joke of all is that after Rich and I had just gotten married we got this sleep number KING bed. One night i said: "This is the best bed ever. It's like you arent even here." Yup, out of the mouth of a newleywed who has never shared her bed in 4o + years.
C: Chore i toilets. So i dont do it. ( dont worry someone does)
D: Dogs? Ruby, but she is my parent's so technically no dogs. Yet.
E: Essential start to my day? brushing my teeth. I am married to an oral surgeon. enuf said.
F: Favorite Color? Tourquoise or Periwinkle Blue.
G: Gold or Silver? I like them both.
H: Height 5foot 8 and 1/2 inches. Yes I want it all.
I: Instruments: Piano as a kid. I never practiced bc I was playing tennis, so i quit after 7th grade.
J: Job Title, I have a few. Physical Therapist, and Wellness Fitness Expert :) I didnt make that up I am not sure who did.
K: Kids. Not of my very own. Rich has 2 kids and I am a step grand mom, with one more on the way. ha, yea that is funny to me too.
L:Live? St Paul, MN
M: Mom's name? Helen!
N: Nicknames, well I have had alot. "Toots" from my family ( yes, dont ask), "Pluto" from my tennis team in college, "JuJu" from some riding buddies
O: Overnight stays in the hospital, just with my hubby!
P: Pet Peeves. Barista's that have no clue on how to make a good cappucino. Foam people, its all about making foam.
Q: movie quotes. Oh boy i could write all day on this. " Careful....I have a beverage here..."
Ok that isnt really meaningful and i dont really care about the beverage but it reminds me of the Dude, and that cracks me up.
R: Rightie
S: Siblings. Two older sisters, and a younger brother.
T: Time i wake up? Depends but usually btwn 6 and 7 am. I am a solid 8 + hour a night sleeper.
U: Underwear? Sometimes..
V: Veggie i dont like? That is a tough one. Uncooked Brocoli is all i can think of. makes me burp.
W:What makes me run late? SNOW and ICE and WINTER in general.
X: xrays? Oh I think just about every extremity, and my jaw even when i played basketball I got knocked around good.
Y: Yummy food i make? My mom has this great recipe for honey mustard chicken and also turkey wild rice casserole. So i try.
Z: Zoo animal? Like y'all i love giraffes.


Melissa said...

My goal is to be better at blogging :) so I get to comment first! My nieces nickname is Juju Beans. :)

Michelle Simmons said...

I'm going to start calling you Grammy. ;)

Steve said...

step Grandma. That is awesome. :)

Rural Girl said...

I love these list posts. Fun, easy, and interesting. I learn a lot about people.

I've been catching up on your last 2 posts. Like I told Jen, I kind of hole up and tend to avoid the FB and blog scene. Funny since I do blog! But I know who I am and what I'm capable of and don't need to be reminded of what I'm not or want to be.

I REALLY think sun and warmth helps us all. It's that simple sometimes.

ADC said...

Yay, finally somone who is same height as me. I feel like giant around these tiny triathletes :)))

Damie said...

love the quote, grandma! :)

Soul Rider said...

Oh oh, I know how to make a cappucino! And if I don't make yours right, gimme and I'll make you another. You're right, it's all about the froth. ^_^

Kim said...

im about as tall as you! and i love how you and i sleep practically the same amount - 8+ hours every night please!

Jenn said...

Fun post! I've enjoyed reading these. Laughing at the bed situation. I've been eying up those sleep number beds! Wondering if they were worth it:)