Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Recess Is over

Or is it?
Thanks to you all for your support and thoughts. It means alot to me to know i am not alone in some of the feelings I have been having. And despite feeling sad that i missed some fun "events" this past weekend I Really did the right thing. The only thing i did for 5 days was swim. Once, with no workout, no clock, no nothing. It was pretty darn nice. And when i woke up on monday morning i knew it was time to Test the Leg and I sorta had this "Hmm, how do i want this week to go?" thought.
What i mean by that is that I was ready to get back on the horse, but mentally I was not ready to get back on it and GO 100 MPH. So this week has been all about doing some easy stuff, and remembering that I am the one in charge here, I am the one who wants to do this and really really not stressing about workouts AT. ALL. And you know what? It's working.
Today i woke up and it was -5 and -16 windchill. Seriously? IT's March.
I do dumb things when the sun is out. I Wanted to go outside SO BADLY to run.
So I emailed coach just to say " You know I want to go outside but i think i should be smart and stay in, do you agree?" I got a one word reply: TREADMILL.

I laugh that i need to have someone keep me from hurting myself. But sometimes drastic weather causes me to go insane, see previous posts:) The other thing i have been doing is eating a substantially larger breakfast and lunch. I dont need to go into details on that unless you really care, but in looking at what was not helping me, we found that my diet was lower in heme protein than i think i need to add the strength into my SBR. So my old diet of lots of grazing all day long then a bigger meal at night has been altered to include a bigger lunch with more meat and more eggs, and also some supplemental drinks. I Am also drinking milk with dinner wheras in the past i was just drinking water or Kombucha. So far so good. I feel like a Taurus Bull :) Which i am, by the way.

So just wanted to say thanks and that it's nice to be honest on my blog and not have people say HTFU. I say that to myself way too much and in the future i am working on keeping this wonderful sport in perspective and enjoying it. Because I do. Alot. Just want to get this show outside. Sometime before June!


lizzy said...

LOVE it Julia!! Sounds like you are writing that to convince yourself, which I 100% understand. :)

I knew there was another reason I liked you... I am a taurus bull too - AND the year of the Ox - double whammy! We all tell ourselves to HTFU more than we should. I am both my own worst critic and judge.

Teresa said...

Glad to see everything is getting better and you have made changes to help keep it that way! Kudos to you!! xoxo

Steve said...

Oh man the windchill. Geesh I feel so bad about that. I like the one answer e-mail. TREADMILL. lol.

Best of luck, keep your head high, and yeah kinda a newcomer here and all, but glad I am here, and glad I'll keep coming back.

Definitely like you. :)

Have a good day and rest of week, and please please weather improve for youuuuuu. :)

Michelle Simmons said...

HTFU. Ha! You didn't want to run outside b/c it was -16? Lol. I wouldn't run outside if it was less than 45.
I hope you guys get some sun soon!

cheryl said...

Love that you feel like bull. I mean a bull.

If I ever get another male dog, his name will be bull. so I can run around yelling Bull Shit all the time. Now I can do the same when I talk with you ;-)

keep it real Bull! :-)

Molly said...

Brrrr! Well at least you are going to Tucson soon, right?

JV said...

Kombucha is so yummy though! It was even better before they took out the fermentation (aka alcohol content)

ADC said...

Again, for me this post comes into such a timely fashion as I am struck by tonsilitis. As you say, we need to remind ourselves that we are doing this for fun and it is OK to take time off.

Rebecca DeWire said...

All I can say is that when I told myself to HTFU, I ended up injured forever! There is a lot to be said for just chilling out with the training. If I ever recover, I think I will become the anti-HTFU.

TriGirl Kate O said...

Hooray for easing back into it! You're doing the right thing. Sending x's and o's!