Friday, May 11, 2012

The Beast was the least of my worries

Finally home, sweet home. While in theory a trip to St. Croix was nice, it is good to be home where i have my own bed and no rain. And no roosters, and no midnight screaming. The place we stayed was A+ for convenience. But D- for most everything else.

I dont think i have it in me to really do a true Race Report but I will try to give you some goods and bads about the race.

Swim +++
Felt fine, not much fatigue and other than freezing, yes i said FREEZING, as the last wave we got to sit wet in the wind and rain while all the other waves went off....I felt good.

Warmed up with Lance. He popped up right next to me after swimming to the Cay and i was like a dear in headlights.

Didnt drink salt water

Swim ----
Got nailed, women cut your nails and if you want to swim faster than me, start in front of me, dont CLAW your way over me. Some good blood marks on my arms.

Last wave, need i say more.

Bike +++
Should start with the negatives bc the only real positive of the ride was i did not crash. But to keep this in order, the other good thing about the bike was the climbs. I did awesome on those and I would go up the BEAST 10x before i would descend in rain and grit like we had.

Fuel was right on.

Bike ---
After the 1st spin out on the very first descent about 6 miles in I knew my "ALERT"button was firing. I had less pressure in my tires bc it was so wet but it didnt seem to help. I nearly stopped to try to take  more air out but i had deep rims and knew that could present even more of a problem if i deflated too much. So i vowed to just be careful. Sigh...That pretty much meant any descent that had any curves( hello the entire course) I was a pansy 10 mph desecnder playing/feathering my brakes.

I got passed alot, and I just let it go. I let the race go during the bike. For that mental hiccup I am pretty upset, but at the same time I had many thoughts of "Would i rather crash or flat?" and i honestly thought i was going to crash. Another time turning from the Left  you ride on the Left over there, to the Right lane I spun into the pros coming at me. The Moto guy was pretty impressed as i spun out R ( rear wheel) then left, the right, and got myself back to the Right side of the road. I think Karen Smyers was thinking "what the heck?" But really not how i saw this ride going.

Transitions in general:
Did fine. I was great in T1, then T2 I was traumatized and it was raining and my feet were all muddy and my shoes and socks were wet and...well I think i spent about 5 minutes just in shock. Rich told me to get out, so i did.

No it wasnt sunny but it was still hot and humid so i kept to my salt and hydration/nutrition plan.
I did not go out too fast and i negative split the run.
I lost my fire, I just wanted to run and not blow up and i did just that but i didnt really feel like i was racing.
I loved running thru the golf courses and the resort ( see pic) it was soft and well...wet but the bugs were really bad@ I think i took a few out of my eyes the next day even. Hilly but a nice change from the roads.

Run ----
as i said above, didnt really feel the fire in my belly. Not sure why. I just didnt.
I was pretty content with how i was going I knew i was not in contention for a kona slot and so i do think i just settled in. why blow up? I did get passed in the last 300 yards by a woman that came out of nowhere. I have video of that stretch and unless she cut a corner or was in a porta john i did not see her.

So it goes.

So the Beast? Yes do it if you can. I would say the worst part of this trip for me was the travel. I spent two FULL days getting to and from. And the weather was just awful. I am glad i went but i am not sure i would go back. To make matters just that much better I came home with a sore throat ( actually had it since saturday night but tried to ignore it) and Pink Eye. I have been to the minute clinic ( what a joke) amd my own MD and now i sit on the couch wishing i could feel 100% again. I didnt have Strep ( or so they say, it could have been since this was in full force sunday-Wed before i even go tested) but the Pink Eye is weird. ?? who knows. And icing my achilles. A bit of a hilly area out there you know.

Wish i could be all dapper about the race, but for me it was not my dream race or my dream venue. The course was lovely actually and maybe someday i will go back to race it when its dry. and hotter!


Steve said...

Sounds pretty tough. Travel, weather, bike danger, coming home sick.

Good thing it is only May, and there is plenty left to the year, and at least you didn't have to come back to a February in Minnesota. Now that would be really bad. :)

Have a nice weekend. :)

Molly said...

Ugh, that sounds like such a rough day! But you got through it and if absolutely nothing else put some serious mental toughness miles in the bank. I wish you 70 degrees and sunshine for your next race!

Damie said...

good report. You know, I think you stated it well. I know what you mean. There is such a difference in my run when I have that fire vs. when I am just running. I get it. Proud of you- and glad to see your name near the top as usual.

The Miller Family said...

Hope you get healthy soon!!!!! Great job given the conditions!

cheryl said...

Welcome home, you've just convinced me not to do that race. Sucks that it rained so much, at least you guys had some down time together.

elizabeth said...

I know all too well how sometimes things just don't light up like you thought they would. As JH always says, ONWARD and UPWARD! :)

Teresa said...

What a crazy day! Can't believe the rain. Guess we can't control conditions. Congratulations!

Please get better fun at all :(

Jennifer Harrison said...

I can't believe the darn weather you had there. I went there and it was like a frigging sauna. It was a HOT HOT mess...but that was awhile ago! Glad you stayed tough and finished strong, Julia!!

Melissa said...

I like what Molly said - you did put a lot of toughness behind you. The next race will seem that much easier just because it doesn't rain. Sorry it rained so much and you are sick. Sheez..

Caroline said...

Julia! Sorry you had such crap weather - not something one would normally think of first when they think about St. Croix. I am completely with you on the bike - playing it safe beats crashing anytime, even if it means getting passed. When I did IM France, I was super cautious on the descents (and we had nice weather, couldn't imagine it in the rain) and people were bombing by me. At the end of the race, they had a whole area in transition cordoned off that was full of broken bikes. Yup. Always better to finish in one piece.
It is early in the season - there are SO MANY more races left this year! And I am sure you will do really, really well. Get better soon!

Kim said...

Ugh julia, what a day! But you look incredibly strong and you hung in there!