Tuesday, May 15, 2012

More images from St Croix

I had a few more pictures to share from STX and our time there. Nonrace pics that show the pace of the island. I have had a few days to think about the race. I would love to go back if i could avoid the 12 hour airport days and find a bit more direct way to get there. I would love to ride that course again, this time with less fear. Its not an easy trip nor is it a cheap one ( tho really? our airfare was about what we paid for Tucson, just sayin) so i know how lucky i am to have gone this year. 

This was as good as it got in the days up to the race. You can actually see some sky that isnt rain and grey here. But yes, it rained/poured right after i took this!This is a view of the swim course. Loved it. Having swum once in my wetsuit since being home i cant tell you how much i would rather swim without a wetsuit. My shoulders DO NOT like my wetsuit. I am too tall for my suit andwell, think Wedgie. But it pulls on my shoulders making things a bit messed up.

This is the Alley Galley. It was so wet out we just went inside but in theory you go order your drink at the take out window. They had the best banana bread there!

Right as i finished Rich snapped this. I was a bit too sassy wasnt I. Show's i didnt really give it 150% on that run. Just 100% which mentally was all I had that day. 

 Devon is from Canada. I gave him a free ride at one of the practice swims and he thanked me and we started talking. One of those crazy dudes who does IM with his longest run of 13 miles. Good for you Dev! Wow.
Notice the mudfields around us. You may not know it but we are sinking in pretty good.
I should have taken Gretta's picture but she was too dirty and too embarassed of her stink.
I respected her since she had taken me thru knee deep water and had kept me upright.

 As it poured the next morning we hung out at a coffee shop. I found some wine with my name on it. Casa Julia.
 Finally the cloulds parted on our last day. Rich is out looking for buried treasure at Block Island.
 Here he is sporting the latest fashions. They made us wear that life vest bc i guess other tourists get tired and they rest on the coral. ouch.
I am afraid of the coral. I am always thinking i will kick it or it will bite me.

Here I am in glasses that are too big for my puny face.

 Rich looking relaxed and happy. Made me want to go back to ST Johns. We got out on the water from STX and seriously there was a big cloud over the island. Not so out at Buck Island or at the BVI or St Johns. hmm.....
 And here we are at home. Tmmrw I have my first real Open Water swim. The buoys and docks arent out so i dont think we will do a full loop ( 2 miles) but i do have at least one person coming to swim with me, but thistime of year its freaky out there. It's a big enough lake i dont think i want to go too far from shore. But soon. Soon no wetsuit!

So what is next? Our team has a duathlon this weekend. I feel 150% better than i did this weekend so i plan to race it, if i dont feel great I will drop out. But i hope not! and Then either Kansas 70.3 or BSLT 70.3. I am leaning towards the race that includes a homestay, driving there, fun people and no plane rides thru Lubbock. :)


Molly said...

Ha! I'm scared of the coral cause I know it will cut the sh*t out of me if I touch it! Glad you had some nice relaxing fun outside of the race.

Angela and David said...

I am really immature....I think it is hysterical your wetsuit gives you a wedgie.