Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Arctic TNTT: Can you say "BRRR!!!" First light boys
Yum, free pizza.

Ok i am a few days ( weeks ) late in getting these posted.
And my blog account isnt wanting to download pics, so i am starting with this and will work on getting the pics up asap.
Ihave only a few comments to make on the TNT and the Charity TT.
1st) It has to warm up. That is an order. I am sick of riding in baselayers and gloves. As much as i love the TNT course i had an asthma attack at the finish, partly bc i got upset ( that i was going about 12 mph) and bc of the dry air filled with pollen.
2nd) I miss my Sugoi clothing. I miss it alot. I do LOVE the VERVE kits. But i dont love the champion sysytems fit. Maybe it is just me, but there seems to be an excessive amount of material where i dont want it. And even if they run big i think going down a size wouldnt help either. The Sugoi bibs and the skinsuit, as $$ as they are, are worth it. You feel like a sausage all "cased" up and ready to ride fast. No hiding donuts in the sugoi kits. Gotta love em.

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