Monday, May 05, 2008

thanks to Flander's Jack S for the pics.

To paraphrase the last lap...Wind...more wind....wind more wind. Hill. False flat...I had been working to get ahead a bit on the hills since they gals with me descend a bit faster than i do. About 4 miles out at the top of the hill on the last lap i turned to my teammates and said.." See you when you catch me." All the sudden i realize they arent catching me. Brilliant time to use some TT'ing and see where this ends up. Either I will get the field sprint or my teammates will have gassed out the other 2 forcing them to chase, and then one of them will get it. Perfect.
I got it, and Alix and Paula were right behind me. Nice impromptu break, that turned out well for the VERVE team. Kudos to all the gals i was with for making 3.5 laps of echelon and wind bearable.
Honey was there waiting for me cheering me on louder than anyone..thanks Honey, hearing you and seeing you ( ok well i dont think i saw anything but the white line and i may not have heard anything other than the referee shout "55!!" my number, but...) made that entire race worthwhile knowing i got to cool down with you and ride home in the nice warm car with you.
Of course we had to stop at the gas station and buy some jerky and some fake hot cocoa from a machine. I hope soon we will be drinking iced recovery drinks.

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