Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Charity TT and more Arctic TNTT photos compliments of YndeCam
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I got a new helmet and i got my hair cut. I think that made a big difference between Tuesday night and Sunday at the BlackDog Charity event.

Ok lets see if i can get names right on these neat gals.
Patty, Adele, Racheliraceforsynergy, Lauraiamfastkreuger, Megpinkcoolkitijustmovedhere, Amydontmakemeracetoomuchorigetcranky. amy, i agree 100%!
We had a good discussion of boca burgers that day. We love them but they arent a substitute for the real thing, a juicy grilled piece of TVP doesnt hit the spot the same way a steak does.
Note that I cant use Arctic for this post but we are still pretty covered up, arms and legs.
I seem to find these nice people at all the races. Today we got Dublin ( the dog ) and Julie's sister Heidi in the pic, as well! Charles went by me right at the turnaround. I was pleased since he was 60" behind me that it took him that long to catch me. I also learned watching his turn around. I have never really watched anyone turn around before, so when he actually took it pretty tight and slowed down more thani expected i realized i likely take those corners too hot and swing out more than I need to. Thanks Charles!


juliemac said...

i will be at this weeks TNT. Hopefully the weather will be better!
see ya there??

Steve Stenzel said...

Steak IS better than Boca any day of the week!!!