Sunday, October 12, 2008

1st ever D 1 LAX game in Mn...and it was over run with high school kids and their teams. Quite impressive to see so much energy for the game. And a few SWARM people there too.

Isnt this the cutest dog ever? Looking left...
This layout is really annoying me, it seems to be doing whatever it pleases so just go with it.
Labradoodle in training for the hearing and vision impaired. I spent the first part of the LAX game taking his picture.
Looking right....
Hanging out watching the game...

Cousin Alex plays for Army, his dad, Angus was sporting the dad button. My nephew, wasnt going to take a straight picture but i sure got a good look at his tongue. A 6 year old boy, what do you expect!

Cousin Sara and her kids...
Nephew #2 doing a back flip on my sis in law's lap. He was trying to get D-daddy's attention but Dad was deep into the game.

After the back flip he did show off his medal he got in soccer. My brother played soccer in high school and had the honor ( and skill!) to play with the Lagos brothers, Tony Sanneh, Amos Mcgee. and some other players that went on to coach and play at the pro level. Buzz was his coach and I know Rob takes alot of that coaching approach to the kids Rob coaches now.

The day was brilliant and after a second OT West Point emerged victorious over the Fighting Irish. Sadly my camera FROZE when i had the chance to snap a pic of my super duper cousin Alex, but maybe the camera was in aww of the athleticism that he and all his teammates had just displayed to the over 5000 fans at the NSC!

Honey and i got a good 2 hour ride in that morning, majorly overdressed not really TRUSTING that it would indeed be 70, but sure not complaining.

Then to top it off we headed home, rested a bit, and went to the WILD season opener.
I am not sure who to cheer for ( I mean, I will cheer for the WILD!) but minus Rolston, Branko (easier than spelling last name!), Parrish....I would guess it will be Koivu. Solid player and good guy.

Wild 4-Bruins 3. We nearly lost it ...Bruins scored twice in the last few minutes but all in all it was a great opener for the Wild. and it was nice to walk out of Xcel and have it be WARMER outside than in the arena!
Then i rushed home to see where all the peeps i was following at Kona were. AMAZING for them, congrats to anyone who raced, anyone who cheered or anyone that just followed that day, it sure is special and I am excited to hear more from the MN folks that raced!!


Anonymous said...

HA! Sounds like a nice weekend, you gotta LOVE THE RUDY glasses - that is what I look like all the time! HAHA :) Jen H.

GoBigGreen said...

Jen: Yea I know i look like a dork..funny that we dont know we look like dorks until we see the picture..HA!

muyres said...

he' playing Masters this weekend...Roger Federer opens against Radek Stapenek of the Czech Republic on Wednesday

Steve Stenzel said...

Looks like fun!

Eclectchick said...

No - MY dogs are the cutest evah!!


beth said...

wow~ i just read your profile. i am in class, so no time to do the full blog re-con, DAD went to dartmouth med school and my paretns were married at the white chappel.

a dartmouth connection everywhere!!
hoep all is well.