Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Outdoor pools close WAY too
early in MN.

So we played tennis alot,
Dor-tree lived up to her name and TREE-D in her ALTA match ( thanks to my successful coaching earlier in the warm up) and we drove around with
the top down. Too much fun.

Since I am now as obsessed with LL as CY is, and Dortree and I ( aka Doris Becker) bought matching LL capri's we had to take a pic of them. Weird i know.

I got in a few good runs and one outdoor swim, and enough tennis to remind me that i still like to pound small objects at lightening speed and nothing beats new balls on good har-tru courts.
The only disappointing thing about the trip is that no matter how hard i tried, Roger seemed to be ignoring me. Ok and Doris did think I was a bit obsessed with taking pictures of random things, like cups and pant legs!


Anonymous said...

YES FUN pics, Julia! I love em...and an outdoor pool in October!? Amazing, glad you had fun! :) I want those capris...which ones are they?
Jen H. :)

Eclectchick said...

Look at you! Swimming outside.

I'm so jealous.