Sunday, October 26, 2008

Costume Ride!
1st stop.Terry's house.
Verve-teammate Sheryl. She and hubby Robert were the hosts of this fantastic day!
The ladies in pink practiced a few Verve breaks, just in case we are ever racing or doing a team TT in our finest. Dresses.

Checking in on the pooch who was riding bare back ( is that x rated?) on my handlbars.
Little Pink Poodle purse..

Big Group. Pic doesnt do the outfits justice.
Jules and Jules!
Ray Mysetrio meets Little Miss Pink.
Here is where the riding got SERIOUS. ACtually we were getting instructions as to where we would be staging for Perk at Play to film us. Long story short we will be on the Kare 11 news on tuesday night at 10pm. Dont miss it. If it hadnt been 58 degrees and sunny it wouldnt have been as much fun to be riding around Baker park with Perk taking numerous shots and then begging for a "re-do!"

So actually got in nearly 30 miles in the dress. Does that count for more? And the glasses?
We finished it off with some super chow at Sheryl's and a fire in the fire pit! Sweet day saturday. and now it is snowing.


StevenCX said...

Sounds like fun!

Eclectchick said...

Fantastic!!! Love the pics - tho not as good as having been there, I'm sure!

Cy said...

Looks like a great ride, and love the creative outfits.

This is yet another reason I love this cycling community.

Sarah said...

That is a really cute and fun idea. I might have to see if people would be up for that...

Actually, one of my spin students this morning brought in masks for people to wear, at least for a little bit. It was so cute!

SO I wanted to say THANKS for the nice comments on my blog and yeah i figured you hadn't realized that wasn't my recipe. ;) Still, glad you found something to make for your guests and I hope it turns out well! I do make a lot of stuff and post it, so you can always count on me to post other people's good recipes. I'd love to be a good enough cook someday to develop my own stuff, we'll see.

AND thanks for the ice bath suggestion. I was all for it yesterday except that we don't have a tub. :( Just a stand-up shower, boo.

Anyway, cool blog. I liked the top photo - I went to Berkeley and we, too, have an annual bonfire, but instead chant "GO BIG BLUE!" :)

Steve Stenzel said...

OMG. You are a NUT!!


Maggs said...

What a great idea! Looks like soo much fun. I'm supposed to do a costume run tomorrow...but I need a costume.

I promise later this week...Persimmon Recipes.