Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall Riding (Amy, Marjiie, Paula, Moi)

Not much going on so the blog hasnt been updated. The fall in MN is awesome, but it makes riding somewhat of a chore. My goals are often so simple: Stay off the trainer as long as possible.
This translates to figuring out the exact science of layering, where the wind is, and how cold my toes and fingers may get unless i look like the michelin woman well before the snow falls.
Those of you that know me, remind me to wear the shoe covers and the lobster gloves well before you think YOU need to wear them, bc otherwise i will torture you with whines about how cold my toes and fingers are. And eventually SPIN class and the trainer will win out, bc soon I will want to sweat. Real sweat. Not the cold sweat that makes you hate heading back into a wind on your way home.

In the meantime Life is good. Cant complain. And I plan to ride outside transferring to the cross bike with fenders ( that is when the mud gets really fun) as long as I can. Luckily I am loving running and also swimming. I have even started back doing Master's workouts and will hit the real deal this week.

Today in the locker room after my swim a woman was talking about the upcoming Daylight Savings. I cringed when she said "You know ...when we hit DLS...well..the DOOR SLAMS SHUT."

I guess if that was the most depressing moment of my day I am pretty lucky!
Oh and excuse the font, my blog seems to have a mind of its own, not obeying commands to change font size.