Wednesday, February 18, 2009


As you can tell this post has nothing to do with red as a symbol or anger:) Quite the opposite. Red in the color of LOVE and Valentine's is more like it. I have to admit I am becoming a convert to the merits of Valentine's day spent with my Honey. I hate dropping $3 on a Hallmark card that will then be recylced, yet I love the idea of dropping $3 or more on groceries and good eats to be able to spend the evening with my favorite dining partner! But first we had some things to do! And Lululemon was on top of the list.

We planned to ride outdoors but MN weather is fickle and after we had a balmy week and weekend prior, the Valentine's saturday was a bit brisk for both of us. Sun was out but the wind was what i call biting. If it is biting me when i am walking it will be stinging me when i am flying down the street at mock 10 ( HA!) speeds. So we both did trainer wko's and got it done.

Then off to Edina for a bit of LL shopping. Honey even found some yoga pants so everybody left with a prize.

I had to laugh as Honey was just as excited with the truffles while i was thinking i made out best with my bag o' Lulu loot. Below are the nice gals that found me just about everything that could fit me in the showroom. Now sadly it was a showroom, so limited sizes. But gladly it was a showroom or i would have likely singlehandedly stimulated the economy that day. ( oh Honey got something so it wasnt all me, really)

Here we are outside the showroom looking all pleased with our purchases and planning our next move. Which was to go home and hang out. We decided that the best thing we could give each other was our time and attention. So that is what we did!
And what may you ask did we do with a bottle of Chablis, Triscuits and an electric drill?
Funny you should wonder. But there really was no correlation:)
Honey had a coconut that we had been pushing around for a month. Now I got it at a Target and who knows how long it had been sitting there. I used to love coconut and I often buy the coconut water and add it to smoothies. So I was jazzed to get the real thing. But Wow was that nasty. I mean REALLY nasty. I think it must have spoiled as it tasted like musty rancid putrid grossness. I was going to say it tasted like dirty socks but I dont really know what that tastes like, thankfully.
So after we drained the water and vowed never to drink that again from a coconut that had been on the shelves in MN for too long, we thought we could salvage the meat. HA, that was dumb, as the poisonous water had obviously poisoned the meat. Honey went outside and threw the coconut on the ice and it cracked. Of course, it tasted like dirty sock meat and it went out as well.
Last night I made him drink some coconut water that i knew was good. Just to get him on the path of healing and forgiveness of coconuts. So far his acceptance that all coconuts arent rancid is moving forwards.
* I am sorta serious as I am always trying to get him to branch out from his beloved safe foods like Chili and Vanilla Soy milk. Almond Milk was a no-go, and he has tried and liked Boca Burgers bc they hold the ketchup and pickles well:) So when a new food fails I have to rebuild trust. And hopefully you know i am sorta kidding with this tangent as well.

Here I am modeling my new LL headband.
And this was part of the main course on Valentine's night. Asparagus Risotto with Chevre.
I LOVE making risotto from scratch. It is so tasty and I add about 2x as much veggies as the recipe calls for. This night I also added nearly 5x as much garlic and had heartburn all night. I never get heartburn so I know exactly what it was from. Oh and we baked garlic too, so double garlic. We also had grilled Opah and some nine grain rolls and yes, some Chablis!

Triscuits were for snacking and to get that coconut off my tastebuds.
All in all a super nice night. We watched a movie on the big screen and then by 11pm it was lights out! Happy Belated Valentine's to you all and Honey, thanks for a super weekend! I love you!

UPDATE: Iona got a cortisone shot in her hip and is doing better. Vet says it may help for 6 weeks or not at all. She still cant get up too easily but was rolling in the snow last night which likely didnt feel good since it was only an inch over all the ice in the backyard!


Beth said...

The dirty sock meat part got me laughing pretty hard. THAT IS SO GROSS!! :) Good thing you had the Triscuits to smooth things over!

Steve Stenzel said...

Gross. "Dirty sock meat." I'm impressed you tried the meat even though the milk was rancid!!

And I WAS trying to find the connection between the Chablis, Triscuits, and the electric drill... I my mind, I think it was something oddly kinky. But, then again, that's most things that go through my mind.

Good luck this weekend!!! I don't think I'll have time to stop by! Have fun!!

Charisa said...

haha - dirty sock meat - that is awesome!

Maggs said...

Just catching up. Rancid coconut must be awful. Ick.