Saturday, February 07, 2009

REST..Swim... and Lilydale Racket Club

I thought alot about what to write about this week. Being in a mild winter thaw has allowed some nice outdoor rides and i have been careful to not overdo it. This is a rest week for me and at times i felt more tired than when i wasnt in a rest week. But doing only 2 swims this week was so nice for my left shoulder. The Awesome DC that adjusts my first rib every few weeks reminded me that "Julia you dont have to swim as hard as you can every you?" and that was
totally what i needed to hear. Even though nobody, no coach, no teammate/lanemate says I have to lead the lane every time in masters, they expect it, and i do. And usually it is fine. Last week I got to swim with Rachel who is 24 yo and a former collegiate swimmer. I had kinda set a goal of 7:15 for a 500 since I have only timed it once and I was around 7:25. So I will spare you the details but with Rachel at my side ( one lane over, we have a weird lane issue at our Y, since our aquatics director doesnt want us taking more than 2 dude? anyways...breathe..count 10-9-8 ok where was I?)

Oh Rachel...So we ended a rather long set with the 500. Lets just say I never thought i would swim a 17.02 and Rachel did a 16.59. Sweet. I am proud to say that I kept it together with a 24 yo. ( Who could be my kid!) So thursday masters our coach had us do a broken mile. "Julia, Rachel isnt here. oh hmm..." I was quick to say "Ya know, that is just fine.." I did just fine in that mile and i didnt put the hammer down until we hit the 200. I loved it. My body loved it. All is well and my shoulder wasnt popping around all weekend.

So today...Ride! I am kinda sick in that I often like the trainer. I like the trainer bc it has a definite beginning and end. There is a set wko and I pretty much always know i am going to get a good wko and i wont get cold. I cant catch up on some dumb show or watch tennis. ( and I still havent seen the entire rafa Fed match...I may not watch it but i want to see the final set)

Since it is quite boring to tell you all the time it takes to get ready to ride, check the wind, decide on trails vs roads ( roads won since the trails are a bit icey) I had to put a foot down a few times friday to navigate this. In the same day tho i got to practice ice riding ( sans turns) which really is a great exercise in "Stay very quiet ( upper body) pedal into it and coast on thru..." or what i like to say "NO SUDDEN MOVEMENTS." and all is good. The back wheel spins out so easily otherwise. and whatever you think DONT BREAK. Kinda like a car on ice really.

Yes that is slick ice on the left so i actually got on the right hand side and cruised on thru, and yes put a foot down. No harm in that.

So as i was riding I had some time on my hands. I decided to ride solo today and wanted to get off the paths ( remember the ice) and do some climbing. AS much as riding the cross fendered bike with 60 psi ( wooohoo i went up from 40 psi) is torture and really there is no time it feels easy I know it will pay off come spring. And it is so AWESOME to take the Road bike out in Tucson and feel like you are so light and flying up hills! So i lugged that puppy around some hills south of St. Paul. Most of the motorists were quite tolerant and happy. Another reason it is good to get out of the metro. Even if we are supposed to have good bike lanes in the metro and we do, the drivers are just often ANNOYED at us. Even if you practice good bike etiquette, and yes that means stopping at Stop Signs not blowing through them.

So as i was heading into a west wind ( 10-15 mph, but at 32 degrees that still isnt too nice) up a hill i realized that my picture would be of Lilydale.

This is where i learned to play tennis. We spent ALOT of time there. This is where my team won 5 straight MNSHSL State Tennis Titles and where I had my senior year graduation lock in party. ( Sweet, we got to play tennis all night long...and racketball and swim and play more tennis...)
And guess has been closed now for over 2 years. Sitting there. Empty. Nada. I heard the nets are still up and I bet there are some pretty happy rodents running around.

So it goes. One Riverfront View is having a hard time selling...go figure. I have no comment on the housing market and I am not qualified to comment anyways but I think it is sad ( ok sad for me) that this great club still stands there empty. Pros had to find work elsewhere ( likely getting sucked into the monopoly we call LIFETIME..) and members hustled to find a club that had a family and non corporate atmosphere ( again read NOT LIFETIME). For being in the North, MN especially the twin cities has ALOT of avid tennis players. And obviously we cant play outside from about October -Late April. That is alot of indoor court time especially on the weekends and evenings. And for some ( read LIFETIME) that is a huge revenue. I just bet the people that bought this land are kicking themselves over this one.

So before i get off on a tennis tangent...happy weekend to you all and may the sun be shining on your face and at your back for the week ahead. Now i have to go see IONA! And get ready for honey's work party tonight! Woot! I have been instructed to look hot. We shall see, that has different meanings in MN In the winter. I think he means "dont wear 2 layers of long underwear! and dont look like this!"


Charisa said...

Awesome, awesome job on the swim!!! Impressive! And that ice just looks treacherous!

Jennifer Harrison said...

Yes, nicer here but ICE all over for sure.! Great pics and I love that pic of you in your bellaclava (sp?) and of course, as I already told you - AWESOME swim! :)

Steve Stenzel said...

That 500 time is nuts. I'm ready to be killed tomorrow...

And that's where you learned to play tennis?!? I never knew!

See you in about 11 hours!

Michelle said...

Wow that is so great!!!

I love that photo of you!!! You look really hardcore!!!

Eileen Swanson said...

you are hardcore, that ice looks scary! you're a stuf for sure ;-)

Jennifer Cunnane said...

You are so brave to hit the roads with ice! I would be too chicken, love the trainer riding too - its easy to get the workout in and not kill yourself!

Michelle said...

Wow Julia i am impressed!!!

There is no way in the world i could ride a bike in ice!!!! I can hardly ride on clear roads!!!

You are an amazing athletic!!! You give Steve a run for his money in the pool!!! COOL!!!!