Saturday, January 31, 2009

Winter Riding...and Commentary on the Aussie Open.

Ok I am hardly the hardcore winter rider. If anything i am the fair weather "Oh it is 20 and may get warmer, maybe i will see how the roads are" rider. My rule is that if it is going to get colder during the ride I skip it. Warmer, I go. Temps can be deceiving. Yesterday it was 12 degrees, sun shining. The kind of day your cat thinks they want to go outside. Then you walk outside and the wind is there and you find out the windchill is -2. Ok 'nuf said. I dont ride fast in the winter, but if I am feeling that west wind while walking down the street, I just may feel it even if i am only riding 10-12mph. Plus my toes feel it and that is my weakest link.

So I was thinking it would be fun to post about WHAT YOU ( I NEED) FOR A WINTER RIDE.

Obviously first of all, I need it to be above 18 degrees. Random number but it is what it is. I also need to know that there isnt a nasty windchill. No go. And ideally sun. Lots of it. But as we know, sometimes sun= deceptive ( think cat wanting to go outside after heating in the window) so dont go running out just bc the sun is out.

Fenders : pretty obvious why. I have one on my front wheel as well. Your friends will thank you. and your rooster tail will be non existent.
Boots/Winter shoes if possible:
Kinda spendy back when i got them but I am SOO glad i got them. Even if i dont use them too much.

Egg Beater pedals: no picture but they are super easy to get in and out of bc the water and ice doesnt stick IN the cleat/pedal.

Miscellaneous where's waldo stuff:

Wind socks ( Castelli, super sweet, but you can use bread bags or rice cake bags..heavier plastic ones work best) And yes I love rice cakes, loaded with nut butter and agave nectar.

Toe and hand warmers


A light in case the sun isnt out. Cars dont Heart you when you are taking up what they perceive to be their right to ride on the white line.

Nutrition: Shot blox, open the bag before you go, no fun trying to tear into that when riding and your hands are cold. A metre of licorice helps too. Black. Australian.

Phone: just dont answer it mid ride. Nothing bugs me more than having to stop to answer a social call. Unless you are a Doctor and you are on call (yes this is a good time for me to exercise patience) then your phone is a safety tool. You use it when you have a flat and you cant change it bc your fenders are in the way and you really have no idea how long it has been since you took the tire off your way too dirty cross bike. Today honey got paged. Had to go to the hospital. One reason we didnt head all the way to Rosemount.

Hand/Face/Legs/Clothing: ( no you dont need an aquajogger, that just snuck in the picture)

Ok honey is wearing head/face gear for much colder temps but i have on glasses and a balaklava hat deal that can come over my face need be. The ski goggles werent needed but somedays they are.

In the above pic those are lobster gloves and windproof pants. Wind proof. not just some old nylon things. Get the more $ ones and you will be thankful. You need those windproof panels.
Even today in the sun it was warm But as soon as i hit a stretch on the Big River Trail i was descending and it was shaded. Repeat I am not going 25 mph, likely 18-20 mph and it gets chilly. Because of that shade these icicles are there till at least late April or May.

Going up Ohio to head back down the High Bridge I was thinking how good this was for me, to be riding 40 psi with full fenders. What a strength wko that was. Here is the view just before I headed back down the high bridge ( I came up this in the beginning of the ride):

So there you have it.
Sometimes it is easier to just ride the trainer:) But when you do get out it is so wonderful to be moving. And plus, today's trainer ride would have been to a total blowout by Serena.
As my FB said. BORING. I am really bored by her. Not her fault, and nothing personal. I just wish someone could match her. Justine is retired, Maria is injured and the -Ova's arent consistent enough. Serena is one tough cookie, she deserves it. As i said just my opinion.

Tune in later and everyone give a rouse for the FED. Should be a great final versus Nadal.
But does anyone agree that Rafa isnt quite himself without his man pants? This is hilarious:
Note he has been wearing bermuda shorts not his capri pants. Maybe this comment and many like it made him think about his wardrobe.

Why wear the Capri pants that you have to constantly pull out of your rear? Why not shorts?Sara Norm, Chicago
[Laughs.] It's not the fault of the clothes. It's a habit that I picked up when I was competing when I was young. I am trying to break the habit, but it's not easy.

Happy Weekend everyone!


Steve Stenzel said...

Nice winter ride!! Today would be a great day for that!! Oh, I miss the sight of the Smith Bridge!!

And I totally know what you mean with that cat analogy - I do that with regards to winter running. But I'm getting better!...

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

You epitomize HTFU with your winter riding! WOW!! I have NOTHING to complain about when its 45 degrees outside... :) Keep up the great training!

Michelle said...

Great riding tips!!


And we all know how the open went down!!! Great match though!!!

Eileen Swanson said...

Sweet pic of you riding in the snow :-) SUPER cool! Love your commentary too, I like the carpris, HA ;-)

Charisa said...

I am always, always impressed with any kind of cold-weather riding! Awesome!!

Eclectchick said...

Hee - I was home on the trainer watching a movie. BUT did get out for awesome skiing both Sat and Sun!

Guess I prefer to enjoy the cold on two sticks. ;-D

You rawk!

jameson said...

dude... you're hardcore. I would never last out in the cold... I' soft!