Sunday, January 25, 2009


I am sick of posting about being cold and how cold it is and how cold it will be in a few weeks and how much I want to get away ( ahem, was I not just in Mexico?) It is Winter Carnival week here in MN. The Celebration of Winter.

Today I am celebrating that the sun is out, yes it is cold, but whatever. And you locals reading I do know and admit it isnt NEARLY as cold as it WAS when i was in Mexico. So my need to HTFU isnt maxxed out. Really.

Roger won. He lost the first 2 sets. He was NOT playing well. He had more unforced errors in the first two sets than Rafa did in his entire match yesterday against Tommy Haas.
A true champion figures out how to win even when he is having a bad day and his opponent is "treeing." ( If you dont know that term, means you are the trees...I dont know, it means you are playing out of your head)

A true champion figures out how to be ok with playing like crap and gets past the "this is not about me looking bad, this is about me getting thru this match..." clawing his way. So I think i will make it thru winter. Just get thru it. A wise coach told me that champions are made in the winter. I just wish i could do my "champion" training... then put on shorts and sandals...and I still have my down jacket on. Inside.

So as to not turn this into a total WHINE post....tonight i get to go to a neat place for an early dinner and WINE tasting. Sunday night so we will have to behave. But getting through winter is alot easier with this guy at my side.


Michelle said...

Hi YAY for Fed winning!! I saw him play a finals game at the US Open against Agassi last time playing ever in the US Open!!! It was great even though Agassi lost!!!

I think i may be able to get back to running in 1 month. My toe should be all healed. I am getting antsy!!!!

Happy Sunday!!!

Pharmie said...

I'd love to join you guys in the pool sometime. I'm usually working during the day, though :( I'm with you on the cold thing. It's hard not to get whiney when the weather's like this, but we are Minnesotans, we'll make it through!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Ooohhhhh - I hope that you enjoyed the wine tasting! Sorry about the cold. It's stupid cold. Think WARM places!

Eileen Swanson said...

YAY, your guy won and of course it's not about how 'pretty' the match was, it was about 'getting through it,' love this ;-) How wa sthe wine tasting? Hope you are having a great day!