Sunday, January 18, 2009

Who Brings an Umbrella To Mexico?

Although my fellow Minnesotans ( who endured temps of - 20 or more) have little if any sympathy for my drizzley tales of Mexico, I do laugh. Melanoma recovered it was easy to see the grey lining to the darkness and mist, but I had hoped to NOT have to take vitamin D while on vacation. I allow myself 20 min of no sunscreen to get some Vit D, and sometimes more as long as it is before 10 am and after 3pm. High noon sun is something I do my best to avoid. Needless to say I only had to worry about this 2 of the 7 days I was in Mexico.

So we had 2 nice days. As you can see I wasnt suffering. Rich was in goal for a good 2 hours for the Water Polo game. Now you would think it might be "shirts Vs skins." Nope...goes like this "Who speaks Spanish?" Ok there you have it. Espanol Vs the others. Mom and I sat in the shade listening to the recruiting calls for "Aqua Aerobics..." phonetically pronounced "AAA-Qua-A-ROBE-EEKS." Now roll your tongue when you say it. Even tho I was promised a booty like J-Lo's I decided to pass. ( I like my non J Lo booty, thank you very much) And when the song came on "Wanna be a Sex-Bomb" I cracked up and took some video as well.

These pics speak for themselves. This pool was AWESOME. I wish i had one in my backyard.
I guesstimated that from where i started ( where this pic was taken) past the POOL BAR
and down under the Volleyball net, and thru the pool to the big balls and back was about 225 yards. I made some 25 yard guesses as well.
Rich wanted me to take this photo when it was packed with people but we also agreed that people drinking sitting on the pool stools and water equalled one thing. Yup. So i really didnt swim during happy hour. Which by the way was from 11am-1pm. We saw alot of people still in the pool at 7pm ( Even tho the bar had closed ) and each morning i was in the pool i usually cleaned up a few cans. Now granted the staff at this resort are amazing. People cleaning EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME. The pool had nothing in it ( tho i did hope the guys who walked along the pool side each morning noon and night scrubbing) werent using something so toxic that their unprotected lungs would be toast in a year. Or mine for that matter.

But I do think the above picture is a sure way for anyone to increase attendance at Masters Swim in the winter months. Can you say "Workout from 6-7pm, Bar opens at 7:15 for cool down?"

This is pretty fun. There was this area on the upper most pool ( there were 3 pools, of varying depths some with hidden walls so you could "Walk on Water" once you got up on that wall ( think sand bar but no sand) that i ran into..oops..but i was keeping my head down like a good swimmer....) that had an endless pool like current. This video makes my stroke look like crap, but Rich told me to slow down and stop beating "it." So i did my best to do that...Pretty fun anyways and made me rethink my thoughts that we would NOT get an endless pool insert for our 3mos pool in MN that is about 12 yards long.

Here is a new sponsor our VERVE team just acquired. Just a plug for WADE and his ART.
If you have nagging stuff, he is great.
Ok this ends my PSA. Back to the long winded blog.....


Brand new cool shoes stayed inside so that the old beater running shoes could get soaked on the golf course and cart path. Flip flops took a beating. So did socks. ( granted no complaints, I love love love running in warm rain )

Dad and Rich taught us how to play poker. Mom and I learned that you arent supposed to say "Oh Crap" and throw your cards down after you are dealt your hand. Something about a Poker Face? Limes and Bananas filled the Kitty.
I resorted to being entertained by towel sculptures and trying to mix a good margarita without the Cointraeu and without my fave Don Julio. Yup things were looking grim for me at this low point in the vacation.

Pretty flowers and plants....
We headed into town for some shopping and non resort foods. Yummy. We found it at Fusion where there were no drink specials but we were treated to a live band playing Bob Marley-ish music. Sorry I am not really music head. Lets just say it was really good, and my parents were still able to hear themselves think. The rain continued so we sat inside. Fabulous Grouper meals were had by all and I finally got my Don Julio Margarita. Not too sweet, no HFCS! Yippee!

Last day the rains finally had stopped, and I had my final swim at the all inclusive pool:)
I was disappointed that the day was cooler ( ahem, 70, windy) and the humidity had fallen back into the 80's. I didnt mention yet that I had lane mates....the lifeguards...each morning would swim. I would start at my end, they would sit at the other end near the big white sculptures and hang out. Swim a 225-250 or whatever it was, then rest and do it again. I was impressed that they were religiously there, even days i didnt swim and ran by, they were there. We would wave, try to not knock heads and i tried to tell them to circle swim but i dont think they got it.
Last day one guy was there, in a WET SUIT! HA!
No pictures of my lifeguard friends.
Rich commented that they werent too fast but they looked a bit stronger than in "they had some shoulders." Yes, I could swim out to get you, but i couldnt likely drag you back into shore!

Instead I found these guys:

And in case you didnt know: Dont Mess With Them! Of course I nearly dropped my camera into the Croc den upon reading this.

So all in all it was a great vacay, rain or not. I got thru some great reads, slept alot, swam and ran alot and enjoyed some really nice time with my parents and Rich. And no i didnt get tan, but really, that is ok. I think I have been outside for about a total of 30 minutes since my return after being outside for about 5+ hours a day, even if it was under a canape reading in the drizzle or mist. And of course was greeted by a nice LONG trainer ride about 10 hours after i got in and realized I hadnt been on my bike in about 10 days. Horrors. HA! I felt it, tho, that is for sure.

So thanks for reading and remember, 8 weeks till Spring!

PS: the answer to the title is this: My 82 yo dad brings an umbrella. Smart man. Smart man!


Jennifer Harrison said...

Your parents are adorable! I am glad you guys had a great time despite the soaking! Sure beats M in January! Ha

Jennifer Cunnane said...

Glad you had fun on the vacation! I laughed pretty hard about the "toxic" water comments (people sitting at a bar in the pool)! Gross! You probably saved yourself a trip to the hospital!

Steve Stenzel said...

Love the photos!!

(and the Dr. Folske suit!!!)

Michelle said...

Hi Julia,
YAY i found you!!! I am going to add you to my blog roll if thats OK!!

Great photos of your vacation!!! Glad you had a good time!!!

Thanks for your nice comment Julia!!!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

GREAT vacation and awesome pictures!! Really really sounds like you had a fantastic time. And i would LOVE a pool like that - you lucky duck! Three cheers for SPRING! OH - and a certain camp in Tuscon just around the corner... :)