Monday, January 05, 2009

Happy Days.....

This is going to be one of the rare posts without pictures. Things have slowed down a bit since the holiday frenzy of parties, events, more holiday time, family time, more Wild Games, more family time, etc..."rewind, repeat." Thanks to everyone in blogland, FB land, and realworld for your well wishes in a speedy recovery. I have to say that thou i was never flat on my back i sure was tired and had the annual sinus "deal" going strong. I hate missing work but I also feel a responsibility to my seniors and to others to not "share the wealth" of germs if I can help it.

As for 2008 and 2009 and all that resolution talk...
 I am not much for resolutions. To each his or her own, but I do like to look at how I could change things, add to things, be more accepting, less judgmental, more loving in the new year. 2008 was good to me. I rode my first full year in the "big girls" category ( 1 2 3...that would be me, the 3..riding with the big girls!) and most importantly did so without injury. One incident in the State Fair Crit made me realize how much i value my limbs and need them to work and so very likely there will be no more crits in my race plans. 43 years young is too old to deal with a busted clavicle and I see no badge of honor in passing thru this rite of bike racing. 

More importantly Honey and I got engaged. Although we are taking our time making final plans, the engagement time is like a mini honeymoon. We are enjoying every minute of it.
Other than when the WILD cant seem to score in a shootout and when the red squirrel decides to nest up in the attic when the temps get too cold. We have hopes for a fall wedding, but that could change. First is a trip to Mexico, then a trip to Arizona, then some trips to the local cabins and a cruise to Alaska late July for Honey's Mom's 80th birthday! What a summer we have planned. And some racing on either side of all this excitement. If we time it right we will get back to MN from Vancouver the monday before the Firehouse 50 weekend. What better place for me to get in a good 50 mile TT than on the most gorgeous and hilly TT you can find in Wisconsin! Honey's team has some contacts out with Lance and you never know. He goes to Ragbrai, why not FH 50. ( Dont hold your breathe, but still kinda fun)

So as you can see there is alot to be thankful for and alot to look forward to. Right now i am most looking forward to a trip to Mexico. Jen promises I can play all the tennis I want!( oh yea after i attempt to figure out my Max HR running my tail off on the golf course)  After this weekend's workout, riding the trainer in my 60 degree condo and then stepping outside to run in 2 degrees with -16 windchill, I may be mighty tempted to do a bit more, just because it wont take me 15 minutes to go from tropic to arctic attire! Mexico is weird, you never know what you may get when they promise tennis courts and a workout area. But all i know is that there isnt much chance of me working out indoors...I have enough of that here! 

Good books, napping, walking and spending quality time with Honey and my parents ( ok it may sound weird but it parents are pretty darn cool) is what i have in mind. 
And some Don Julio for Doris, some iguana's in the bathtub, and hopefully some good weather!

Make it a great year everyone!

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