Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Random Post on new computer: TEST DRIVE!

This is where i will be in about 48 hours. Dont get too excited. The pool is about 65 degrees!
Good for Ice Baths and frigid morning swims. It works. The swims will be to stretch out and I time myself to see how long i can stand it.
New Year's Day Ski with my sister. She skis ALOT. Having lived in Denver she got up to real snow and real mountains quite a bit. Sorry sideways. I havent figured out Iphoto yet.

This shirt should say "shut up and swim," bc I dont really have any issues with running.
I do wish it said "shut up and stop snowing so that sidewalks werent so icy," but then the snow for the ski picture wouldnt be so good. Gotta take what you get and run or ski on it, right?

Just a few things for the trip. Draft 1. There will be cuts as not everyone can make the travelling team.

The Sunscreen will not be cut. I may have to pay an extra $15 for my sunscreen, my pool toys, and my rackets. Heck that is $45. I may as well give NWA another $55 and pack it all in my bike box. Or why even buy a ticket?I can put myself in the bike box for that matter. No bike needed in Mexico.


Jennifer Harrison said...

Julia!!! LOVE THAT SHIRT...I need is a NIKE one, eh? I have never seen it before...OH, I am a sucker for fun workout pink? :) Have a great vacation!!!
When you get back, I will be in sunny Arizona!

Steve Stenzel said...

Have fun!!!!

Jennifer Cunnane said...

sounds like fun! You forgot a couple of other necessities like sunglasses and a camera? Take plenty of pictures on your trip!

Eileen Swanson said...

SWEET POOL! Love it! Have so much FUN! Great post!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Okay - I LOVE that pool. So who cares that its a bit chilly?!? Bring the wetsuit,right? :) Can't wait to see you in Tuscon - its going to be GREAT!

EmilyBlanche said...

i just got back from dinner at pepitos...i had a margarita and pretended i was in mexico.

and off you go! brat! :) kidding!

have fun!