Friday, April 17, 2009

Ruby, Rides and Trader Joes:
Not much time today but for non FB peeps Ruby is here. She is a doll, very shy, but so wonderful. She has been moved around alot so we think she is just taking it all in and despite fetching and retrieving like there is no tommorrow, she is still suspect of her sorroundings.
She lived a good part of her life ( she is 3yo) in a kennel. She was either outside in a kennel or inside kenneled. When she went to her foster home she had other foster dogs around to play with. And after 3 weeks she is with us. So it will take time for her to trust that she isnt going to be moved. AGAIN. In the meantime she wont eat much, but she does like hotdogs ( that is how she will take her antibiotic) and she ate chicken. Wonder how long till my parents are making her a plate:)?
I reminded my mom that Iona was a very hyper dog and Ruby isnt. Iona climbed up her kennel and onto the table and fell off and broke her leg. Then she ate her last place obedience school ribbon ( seriously I think she was like 10th out of 10 dogs) So think Marley,that was Iona! Not till she was about 12 yo did she mellow out. Ruby is going to be mellow!

On other news...I nearly was minivaned off the road today while riding. I wish i had a pair of socks that said "YOUR VAN SUCKS." Sad thing is it was intentional. A slowing mini van at your side and a very close pass with a VEEEEEER towards your front wheel. nice. He even gave me the bird out the window. Lovely. I was moving too. Not like i was taking up space..the west river road speed limit is 25mph and I was easily going 23 mph. ( tailwind. dont get thinking i can ride that fast for very long)

Trader Joes is new *sorta* to this area. With one more coming this summer within bike distance for me! Woot! As my SoCal blog friends know i mourn our lack of fro-yo options here. "why butterfat? Meet are the healthiest state so we will only sell premium ice cream to you." Dumb.
So this FRO-YO from TJ's is awesome. It is tart and tangy and not too sweet.
I just wish i could put it in a soft serve machine. Oh well.


runningyankee said...

good luck with your new baby!! she looks like a fantastic dog and she will soon know how lucky she is to have ended up with you guys. you'll have to build her a little side cart for your bike so on these rides when you have van trouble you can say "maul ruby maul" and she can take care of business :)

Damie said...

Is Ruby a new puppy? I have two rescued pups- this is my first weekend to leave them with a dog sitter, and I am having total mommy freakout. Glad to read your blog- and thanks for the pedal stroke comment. We looked at it some last weekend on the computrainer with the guy helping me with fit- definitely lots of overall issues....I have this huge blog post I need to write but just haven't sat down to do it. Plus, I start to feel like blah blah blah about the knee, you know? have a great weekend :)

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Ruby is, simply stated, adorable. She's so lucky... you guys are so lucky... what a fantastic pairing! How awful along west river road! There's PLENTY of space in the lanes - what a total looser. I'm glad that you made it back safe and sound, though!

And, well, YOU may not admit it, but I'll proudly say it. You ARE a tough, fast, strong cyclist! So 23 mph (even with a slight tailwind) is great! Way to go!!!

Herrad said...

Hi Julia,

Great to hear that Ruby is making the first steps in settling in to her new life.

It took Marleen a year to shake off her depression and a couple of months to get rid of the execess weight.

She weighed 12 kgs and is supposed to be 6 kg.

So satisfying that we re-homed Spike and Marleen as they are both healthy and happy dogs who love each other and their loves.

Have a great weekend.