Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Things that make me go YUM

I think it is interesting to see how different and how alike we all eat. Sometimes i get in food ruts, just bc I feel like i am eating alot/frequently. Here are some things that i turn to pretty regularly and dont seem to get sick of them. Usually!

Kefir. Does a tummy good.
I could post 25 pics of fruit and veggies so here are just some i happen to have around.
OOPS how did THIS get in here??? I have to say I have less and less interest in the Dirty Martini because the next day doing a hard wko on that is just not smart. ( Jen, told me to say that as a PSA)
Justins nut butters ROCK!

Ooops sideways cottage cheese.
I am not allergic to wheat but I still like this cereal. Goes down easy with 1/2 banana at 5 or 6am pre swim.
The Dr.Smoothie mix is new. It is a mix that you add to water and ice and it blends into a wonderful coffee mix that actually is relatively healthy. Sorta. We had it in AZ and wanted to bring that frosty goodness back to MN. Since we dont have enough frosty goodnes with our weather. HAHA.

I mixed in a few race type goods as well for your viewing pleasure. I love the Green Apple Gels and the Plain. And the powerbars, well..cant go wrong there with the caramel cookie or the vanilla crisp OR the Protein vanilla one or the recovery or the...kinda like candy I think so wonder if eating a snicker ( or M and M's? or a cupcake? or....) isnt just as good.

Hope this helps if you get in food ruts come spring. And i mean COME SPRING. We are supposed to get to 55 this weekend. HEAT WAVE. BRING. IT.


Maggs said...

I love kefir. I eat it over oatmeal in the morning with fresh peaches. YUM!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Hooorrraaaay for the "warmer" weather! Food choices look great! Yeah for the fruits and veggies. I would add Greek yogurt to the oatmeal - a new expirament, but one that I really like! Nice on the martini... mine is a glass of wine. And a cadburry cream egg (how did that get there???)

Jennifer Harrison said...

WHERE are the M&Ms?
Good list, I don't love "drinking" anytime, the Kefir or whatever....hmmm, but I could pour it over my oatmeal, sure.

Steve Stenzel said...

Yeah, sideways cottage cheese is the best! ;)

Don't listen to Jen about those things. She just doesn't want you to have any fun.

And Recoverite is the BEST!!

BreeWee said...

ooooooh, I could eat at your house! No problem, you got the stuff I like (most of it anyways)...

Happy Easter!