Saturday, December 19, 2009

My shopping list

What's wrong with this picture on a friday at 5pm?

Nothing other than I am going to a party in about 1.5 hours and I used indeliable ink.
I always write things on my hands. Always have, always will.
So with a bit of luck and some tough love to my already dry skin we were back in business.

So while my better half was still strutting in front of the mirror getting ready ( Ok who out there is ready before their spouse's or partners? come clean. I was giving him a hard time bc why does it always seem that the women get a bad rap for being the ones who take a long time to get ready??) He did have a bow tie so i gave him some extra time ( 5 min) for that:)
I killed time pretending to pose for some fashionista magazine, but instead just realized how MN pale we all are. The red jacket is awesome. It was my mom's and has a matching skirt. Totally Audrey Hepburn. Other than my mom is 5 foot 8 and neither of us is petite and brunette nor do we smoke those long cigarette things and say "Dahling."

So we were off to the annual Snowball party at the St Paul Hotel. Some friends started this event about 10 + years ago bc our parents used to always have Black tie events at the holidays and they wanted to start a tradition. It is a really fun event and the hosts are so gracious to keep on doing it year after year. But my has it grown!

Tho the party goes till 1 am we like to have a nice dinner at the St Paul Grill and then get to the party by 9pm so we can actually talk to people and not have to yell. That lasts until about 10 pm when i start to yawn, my feet start to hurt and i cant hear myself talk. Last night we were home by 11. Not that it wasnt fun, it was, friday nights are rough tho and Rich works a long week so by friday night our norma MO is movie and pizza or something easy like that.

I did take it upon my self to have the annual martini. OH it was good. I am glad i only had one. The 2nd one doesnt feel so good in the middle of the night. But the martini, coupled with a lovely tuna dinner hit the spot. Here we are leaving the grill. Looks like my speedo bikini top is a bit visible. oops. There is a funny story to that dress but lets just say this: It is a speedo type cross back. And a high neck in front. Only thing is that when i tried it on at the store I loved it. and the salesperson said " You have it on backwards." SERIOUSLY? People wear this thing with the speedo cross back in the front? not me. Super comfy cashmere. I like it backwards!

Happy holidays everyone.


Beth said...

What a great looking couple!! :) Always fun to dress up every once in a while. And Oscar and I take about the same amount of time to get ready. It's no fair though because he doesn't have hair. ;)

TriGirl Kate O said...

You look great! And so does Rich.

Marshflower said...

Cheers to happy holidays to you both!

Mary said...

You look marvelous! Glad you had a good time...and more importantly, a good martini! ;)

Mama Simmons said...

OMG you crack me up with your dress on backwards! Though I swear I never would have known had you not said anything! ;)

I make my shopping list on the notes section of my iphone. Its easier to erase.

EmilyBlanche said...

Aww, you guys look pretty!

Kim said...

you look beautiful!!!! looks like you had a blast. happy holidays to you and rich!

Angela and David Kidd said...

Hahahaha - I love that you are wearing the dress backwards. And I am ALWAYS ready before David.

You guys clean up nicely!