Tuesday, December 08, 2009

What to do when it is snowing..and some advice for Roger.

What about think about what to do when it is NOT snowing. Now really I do like winter, sort of. I have grown to like it less and less mostly bc I really do not like being cold. I think that one of the most empowering moments I had in my entire life was when I realized that I could actually turn the heat up at our house. When i grew up we used to wear down vests and hats around. IT was just how it was. Nobody really grumbled ( I am sure i did) but when you are young you just adapt. I do remember studying under quilts in bed. My parents still live in the house ( fondly called THE COLD HOUSE) and really it is cold. Big old Victorian house, that is cold in the summer even, so that is one plus. I think It was when I was living at home AFTER college, so yes this really is some arrested development in my growth and ability to take risks I would say. And finally my mom and I said "To heck with it..lets turn the heat up."


Wow. That was easy. And it actually warmed up. A little.
So now that I am in a house where the heat is on, and the house is a bit newer I am realizing alot of what i didnt like about winter was being cold and to live here I have a blank check when it comes to buying things that help me stay warm. This means workout gear and chemical heaters. I dont feel like I have to save those puppies, bc If I have a 1-2 hour ride with warm hands and toes ( or actually they are never warm, they are always GETTING COLDER...the chemical heaters just make it a bit more comfortable) it is worth it. AND....
For anyone who is going to use the chemical hand warmers...if you dont use them for 4-5 hours they can be reused. Put them in a baggie and get all the air out and seal it up really tight. I only do this if I know i have a shorter ride bc I dont want to risk them running out of JUICE mid ride. The toe and foot warmers are not that great IMO but they do help make your toes go numb and maybe that is better than frostbite.

Since at some point i need to figure out my 2010 plans I will post a few options and anyone that has advice, or thoughts on potential races feel free to advise....

January U of MN swim meet, where Jen will have me swim every event including a relay, even if i dont have anyone to swim a relay with.

February: Hope it isnt leap year bc 28 days is long enough.

March: Tucson Tri camp. Followed by extended camp at Rich's mom's in Green Valley.

April: Lonestar 70.3 ( maybe) end of April. Sister Heide lives in Houston so this is a likely race but I am too chicken to sign up since i cant imagine riding my bike on a trainer for 4 hours to get ready for this.

May: ? Wait for the snow to be gone. SAD. SAD. SAD. Go visit Kari and Kate if this is the case.

June: Kansas 70.3 That yellow brick road was too enticing.

July: Minneman on July 4th, local fun sprint that Rich may do:)
Perhaps Qualify for AG NATZ at a race in Iowa. I was hoping there was a qualie in MN so i wouldnt have to drive and sleep in Iowa. Sorry, I just would rather race closer to home. So that is a big maybe.

August: Firehouse 50 TT and Best of Both Road Race ( run) the next day. I can only dream winning another trophy as big as me, so that my nephews can each have one and no fighting over the 2009 BOB trophy.

Sept: Go volunteer and sign up for IMOO with some other people. KATE?! Have nightmares about this already, well not nightmares, but some nights when i struggle to run 6 miles that day I say "AM I INSANE?"

Perhaps AG NATZ?

Oct : TCM 10 Miler.

November: Be super happy I am not racing in November. Hats off to anyone who really wants to race in November but in all truth, Ick. I am struggling to get thru October and riding my bike in the fall is FAR more exciting to me than trying to get into OW and trying to Stay On It this late. I would like to go to Clearwater, but I realized the only reason i wanted to go to Clearwater was bc everyone else goes ( well not everyone) but it would be nice to say I have DONE IT. But really it sounds like i would be happier just doing a race for the right reasons for me. Not bc I feel left out!

I am also interested in the Rev 3 races, but living in MN its obvious that most of the races are well over 8 hours from me. Driving is preferred, travel on the airlines with the bikes just annoys me. Delta/NWA.com just is evil when it comes to STEALING our money. I get all worked up thinking about my hometown airline. Yes how nice you are. ...NOT.

I have lots of other ideas, but I like to think that I am young to this sport. I will have one more year in the 40-44 ag, and then will age up to 45-49 so who says that 45-49 cant be super fun and full of new adventures as well. All you peeps who are so dreading 40....well..that is another post for another day. My life took so many GREAT turns when i turned 40 and I am so much happier and fufilled than my 30's that I am excited for you gals!

Hope I am not snowed in wednesday, I still have my trainer bike at the condo and I have some other stuff to do! Drive safe all you midwesterners and cant wait to post some snowy bike pics~!

PS: Many of you know of my respect/awe and admiration ( OK OBSESSION) with The FED.
Some of you may not know that Tiger, A-Rod, and the Fed are in Gillette Commercials together and also Tiger has flown in to watch Roger play some of his bigger matches. I just have a few words for Roger: DONT DO IT. Stay true to Marika and stay true to me. :) Otherwise your picture is coming OFF the refrigerator!


cheryl said...

I'm sure the FED will stay true! ;-)

and can't wait to hear about your swim meet when you swim every event! That Jen, she is a slave driver. When I do masters meets, I swim maybe 3 events. HA, I'm such a wuss!

good luck with the snow storm.

TriGirl Kate O said...

YES YES YES come visit in May! It is GORGEOUS here w/ azaleas and dogwoods in bloom (oh, and lots of pollen too.) July would look so much better if it included Vineman...
Can I talk you into the Army10Miler instead of TCM? I'll try to catch you.

runningyankee said...

come see me too!! i'm doing rev3 in knoxville in may.. fun.. looking forward to a great year.

Rebecca DeWire said...

Your description of growing up cold was a lot like mine. We lived in a 200+ yr colonial in CT and I didn't even have heat in my bedroom. Seriously, it would sometimes be in the high 40s/low 50s in the morning in my room. Sometimes I think this made me extra tough. But like you said, as a kid you just adapt because you know no different.

Angela and David Kidd said...

Sign up for the April race. You'll be surprised, 4 hour trainer rides aren't that bad.

And love your message to Roger. Could Tiger be any dumber?

Damie said...

ummm...I didn't see Memphis In May on the list.

Mama Simmons said...

I do not know what chemical warmers are, nor do I want to know. ;)

AGREED about Delta/NWA stealing our money for bike transport. I made the mistake of flying NWA to Seattle last year for Lake Stevens. $175 each way?????? Made me physically SICK.

Kim said...

What type of chemical hand warmers do you use? Those ones you break and hten they stay hot for a couple of hours? They sound nice - I'm definitely interested becasue my feet get like popcicles! I hate it! Good luck with teh schedule planning - that is so hard. I'm trying to do mine right now too and it is rough (especially considering I don't know when I can start training agin!). Take care!!

Beth said...

AG Nationals!!!!! (are we voting?? :) Sounds like a great year, no matter what you decide. ;) Stay warm up there!

Mary Bradbury said...

Yes, do AG Nats!

Charisa said...

Your season looks awesome and full of fun!