Monday, February 08, 2010

10 things that make me happy. Unique i know.

In no particular order and bc, well, its early February and not alot going on other than...we interupt this post to give you the latest....

LAUNDRY report..." I did 3 loads and only managed to put cashmere in one of them. My coach thinks i need to work on the T time from washer to drier, but i am afraid of going right from the washer to the drier without first dropping it all into a basket to sort it out." Yea you get my point.

FASCINATING stuff going on at my house over the weekend.

Ok here goes: In no particular order:

1) Mr. Fed
* Ha i bet you knew he would be #1!

Yes this is a Federer beany baby. My nephew gave it to me. It's genetic. The FED LOVE, I mean.

2) Dartmouth....another duh. Some Dr. Seuss for ya.

Go Big Green!
Human dog sled race, during Winter Carnival

3) Biking:

Even when it does this to me:

4) La Jolla California
Specifically the LJBTC. Lots of memories here, court 2 to be specific! And runs and walks to the pier up the public beach below Scripps back and forth to the Marine room. Ahhh.....I am relaxed just thinking about it.

With dinner HERE to follow:

5) Golden Retrievers

RIP mud puppy Iona!

Who has the longest tongue ever? Ruby does!

6) My family: With Hubby taking top honors!

7) CABIN!!!

8) Summer Summer Summer AND swimming Open Water!
with my friends!!!

9) Seafood
Especially GOOD big shrimp, not those little fishy canned things, but this is the best salad bc it has mango ( another top 10 item i love that didnt make the cut!)

10) Watching tennis!!!! Playing tennis, being around tennis, smelling new tennis balls...!

Well there ya have it...have a great week!


cheryl said...

hey, the leaky gas kit (I like to spell it like you say it) matches your new bike!

beautiful pups (my Sam has a super duper long tongue too, must be a goldie thing)

I didn't know you liked Federrer ;-)

(... he is the bomb!)

Beth said...

Great list!! I think I would love that cabin too...might need to visit you in the summer! :)

TriGirl Kate O said...

The cabin looks like fun! Joe asked why exercise didn't make my list--it isn't the exercise per se that makes me happy as much as the feeling AFTER working out...

Jennifer Harrison said...

Oh how nice!!!! Love the cabin pics! sooo serene! :) Chocolate didn't make the list? hmmm.

Damie said...

I can't get over Ruby's IS huge!!!!!!

Heidi Austin said...

i like em all too! tennis is sooo fun.... especially in the summer :) ahhhh think warm thoughts!

Charisa said...

GREAT list and photos :)

Jennifer Cunnane said...

I love your list and knew of course that Fed would be at the top as well as all things tennis. it's so fun to check in and see what makes fellow blogger friends tic or happy. Do you play tennis much these days?

runningyankee said...

hahaha fed outranks rich. too cute! hope i get to meet ruby - would love a big kiss from her :)