Thursday, February 04, 2010

What's in my pantry?

Ok not sure why but my Google likes to play font games with me, so sorry bout that. Read on.

Wow you know that life is boring and it is snowing outside when I decide that this is a fascinating blog entry! But in truth, we all know that what we eat before and after we workout is not only a hot topic but we all like different things:) Isnt it fun to be unique and actually like things that are hopefully good for us? Yes!

In the last month i have been working hard to improve my eating. And like any good athlete raised in the 80's and who competed in sports I have eaten my fair share of white pasta. To be honest I cant really stand the stuff now. We dont really eat it. It isnt that i wont eat it. I will, I just think its pretty funny that the stuff i ate in my college years is pretty much what i eat now, with a few tweeks.

So what is in Julia's pantry? I would bore you to death if you saw it all, so this is just a peek at what i tend to go towards on a daily basis.

yum yum yum. I could eat Cheerios/Oatios all day long everyday. Yes maybe it means that i secretly wish i had a toddler who would eat them with me at a tray table. You Freud's out there decide. I will just keep eating them. Steel cut oats too. Yum. Make a batch for all week, heat em when you want em.

Cinnamon. Yum again. On pretty much any of the above cereals or on top of the next food love: see below:

Recovery 101. Rice cake. Insert as much nut butter as you can handle, i use the packets for travel or portion control ( if you see me licking the wrapper just know i really like this stuff!) but you can use Salted Almond butter from Trader Joe's too, and then you get the benefit of licking the spoon or knife when you take too much:) Top it with some nana slices and a liberal dousing of cinnamon. Go to it.

I like the Ezekial breads as well. I tend to use them instead of a bun for burgers or just for open faced grilled cheese, etc..I havent put the nut butter on it, but hmm...not a bad idea.

Kefir and Greek Yogurt, Check. Topped with fruit.
OR Cottage cheese is pretty good too.
I am not a huge Lara Bar fan, they are ok. I buy em bc i try to really like them, but so far I really just like the TROPICAL flavor. And the Powerbars I really like bc they are like candy bars in disquise:)
More yummy recovery items: nuts, dried fruit and string cheese.

And below, the latest craze in my world:
Chocolate and Vanilla Milk.
For those of you that know me, you know that ( cuckoo, cuckoo, you say) I dont really "HEART" Chocolate. I mean if it is oversweetened syrupy chocolate anything ( syrup, ice cream, milk) I will happily say no. So imagine my surprise to see that i really kinda like THIS brand of milk. The Vanilla milk is awfully good to. And yes I am a huge black licorice fan.
Twizzlers are great too, but the black licorice is like the DARk chocolate to me!

I also take some supplements.
And since my computer seems to be playing weird tricks on me, you may think i have bad eyesight but i see it too. Sorry.

The regular culprits, Ca+, Omega Fatty Acids, Vitamen. Probiotic,D, and Fe.
Sometimes i forget and sometimes i take the Ca+ with the FE, which is a nono, and if you dont take the D with a fatty source it doesnt absorb and... can i quit my job to make sure i time this all right?And no i am not underlining this to make you pay attention!!

Around our house you can find me with my hand in the cookie jar below. Usually with a bit of pudding as well.

Snacktime? Ok I love pretzels. Bring em on! Pretty much the saltier the better, and Newman makes a good salt and pepper pretzel too.

In case you think that all is healthy here, Moose Drool is quite tasty, give it a try.

and what pray-tell is that?
When your mint crop comes in this summer, drop me a note. I will send you the bootleg recipe for the best and most refreshing drink you have had in a long time. You can soup it up with your choice of gin or vodka or...but they are darn good without that stuff as well.

So If you think that all I eat is snacky stuff know that i was going to spare you the turkey, fish, salmon, grass fed beef, greens. BEETS!!! YES! , and all that. Dinner can be a huge counter filling of all the veggies and all the rice/quinoa/beans or homemade pizzas we make. But it all gets eaten and no matter how many times i tell Rich " I really cant cook for 2" the large quantities of fresh veggies and other stuff ( plus good bread, gotta have that good crusty bread) seems to disappear!

SO....Thanks for reading my fascinating post and...

As Julia would say in her thick accent "Bon Appetit!"

PS I hate tomato aspic and I do admit to being a Lobster killer about 2 x year.


Beth said...

YUM!! Such great stuff!! Mmmm...chocolate milk... ;)

Kim said...

MmmMmm! I'm drinking choco milk right now! Love it.

J- what's the steel oats all about? Diff btwn regular quaker slow oats?

Great pantry, thanks for sharing!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Looks GREAT! I use the same organic chocolate milk for recovery. AND the PowerBar Recovery bars...those are very popular... :)

YES on the Greek Yogurt - and I couldn't help but reminisce about MN when I saw the Old Home Cottage Cheese. They don't carry that in CA (sniff).

Almond Butter...mmmmm...... Seriously - I can't keep the stuff in the house - it goes too quickly. :)

Mama Simmons said...

Love it! Moana chows those Honey Bunny Grahams... :) and Kiefer too!

Jennifer Harrison said...

YUM!!!! YUM !!!! Except black licorce? OH ICK....haha....

I do organic steel oats in the crock pot...with apples and cinnamon, you can smell it all night!


I like that yougurt too and chocoloate milk..well hot chocolate really. LOL


Anonymous said...

Can you come over with all those goodies and put them in my pantry?? I LOVE all those things!!!

cheryl said...

yum, most of those are my favorites... add nutella and my list is complete, oh, and honey too.

Angela and David Kidd said...

You don't like chocolate! I wish I didn't like chocolate. I could live on dark chocolate alone.

And I saw your can of oats and thought "John McCain has his own oats line?" and then saw that it said "John McCann."

TriGirl Kate O said...

Chocolate milk! I need to keep ours hidden from Joey, otherwise his BG is over 300 at lunch (he's notorious about sneaking it and not bolusing for it). Bad Mom for keeping it in the house.

I love cottage cheese too--I get the little snack pack size and mix it with the snack pack diced pears. Little fruit/little protein.

Can't say that I've ever tried almond butter.

Heidi Austin said...

wow you are soo healthy.. i should probably take some notes hahahah i'm horrible

Melissa said...

We eat many of the same things. You might be more intune with the supplements though. I wonder about the white flour in pretzels. White stuff is suppose to be the enemy these days.. I don't know..:)) Thanks for sharing.