Friday, February 12, 2010

Down the Spiral Staircase...

And no this isnt Marla Maples and a guest blog post by Alfred Hitchcock or Nancy Drew.

I wish it were. Instead it is the "Case of the Newleywed...throwing herself down the stairs bc the household chores were too overwelming." Ha NOT. Just me being a klutz.
And to be frank, Lets set the scene a bit more. I had just done TRX the night before. I was feeling it when i woke up, and my Ab's, Ribs ( was thinkin about Beth!) and all Thoracic muscles and intercostals were AWAKE. Even before i woke them up again.

So to set the scene...What do you get when you take this:
Exhibit A: Spiral


Rubbermaid Home Products White Laundry Basket - 1.25 Bushel by Rubbermaid Home Products

Plus+ (that would be slippery socks, I just picked these bc Cancer Does Suck)
Pink Ribbon Cancer Sucks Socks
No that is NOT my ankle. Some of you have no.
ankl-sp4.jpg (14615 bytes)

My backside btwn T 6-L1/2 looks like George Burns put his cigar out on my spinous process'.
Lovely. I actually hit the stairs and then rotated so the "cigar burns" are lateral to the spinous process themselves, and my right paraspinals are so tight today is the first day i felt like i could actually stretch them out a bit. Dont look at the next picture if you get grossed out easily, but you will see that they really do look like Cigar burns...Or what i would imagine those looked like.

And, the best of it ( ok real sarasm now) is that my 10 mile race is NOT happening saturday. I am extremely bummmmmmmmmmmed. Not for what you may think, i had no goals to run sub 70' ( i did that already when there wasnt ice everywhere) and i had no time goals really at all. I mainly wanted to run and see what was in these legs and GET OUTSIDE. It is peak time for SAD in my body and the last few weeks has been REALLY drudgery with the snow and cold and ice underfoot. I am also not getting out to ride like i did last winter. Partly due to common sense and partly due to just poor roads and even poor bike paths and then the common sense thing says just ride indoors, and dont worry about the ice, staying upright ( hahaha, ok i took care of that myself) and I also like to sweat. So indoors it is. Thing is, being clipped into the bike has its issues with calf and lower leg/ankle with all that Dorsiflexion ( pulling up) and sometimes what I really need is a longer ride with the abiltiy to coast ( horrors) and change position ( ie climb out of the saddle) and just move around. Riding the trainer after this voyage down the stairs hurt nearly more than running.

alas, it is mid-February and my prudent and supportive coach reminded me to just chill. But I am a schedule freak and i get it in my head and it is hard to let it go. Alas I am also smart enough, and have learned my lesson in the past, to not try to be a champion in January or February. My swim buddy Steve said " ease over this speed bump Julia, so you can HIT the gas on the other side." I like that advice. I have still had a hard time forgiving myself since, yes, this is the 2nd time i have taken the laundry leap. You just didnt hear about the first time.

But when it comes to my aqua jog saturday I am gonna be jogging with the pool noodle ladies, and I plan to try to just chill out and not have to beat them to the wall. Plus i have to get ready for another "AKW" on monday. That would be an AB KICKING WORKOUT = TRX on monday.
Maybe i shouldnt be so sad about missing this weekends run:)

And this picture makes me want to really try to stop the pity party. I have alot to be thankful for, and Roger in Ethiopia seeing the kids that are benefiting from his foundation makes me realize that a few weeks not running isnt that big a deal. ( And yes Roger seems to be finding his way into all my posts, bc he makes me smile!)Or to clarify, his tennis makes me smile, just want to clear that up. He is married you know.

P.S. We have an icicle garden at our house. At least i didnt fall and impale myself on one of those.


Angela and David Kidd said...

Yikes. You need to get rid of that spiral staircase. Hope you heel quickly!

GoBigGreen said...

hahaha HEEL, yes that is what is sore...Not sure you meant that angela, but i hope my heel heal's fast too:)

Greyt Times said...

OUCH! I slipped on the ice yesterday and smacked my elbow. It's all bruised up too. Good thing my ass was there to dampen my fall!!! :)

Melissa said...

I think it could have been worse.. Good grief.. looks very painfull.

Beth said...

Oh no!! Okay, now my last email I just sent totally doesn't make sense. SORRY Julia!!! Hope you are feeling better ASAP and yes, you are so right in that chilling now can only be a good thing for later on. It's a loooooooong, loooooong year. Take it easy, rest up and feel better! Thinking of you!!!!

Heidi Austin said...

awww man that sux :( i hope your ankle and your back heals fast~ this winter sux and you aren't missing much!!!

Jennifer Harrison said...

OH god. I almost did not read this post b/c I HATE reading about injuries and accidents - but good attitude, Julia...HOPE you are ready to roll tomorrow! :) Rest up & no more spiral staircases!

TriGirl Kate O said...

Chuck that laundry over the rail next time!

Hugs girlie!

Soul Rider said...

Darn slippery socks! I wiped out a few weeks ago sprinting up the stairs and slipping on the wood floor at the top. I had a beautifully bruised right knee to show for it.

Heal well!