Monday, February 15, 2010

Mo Jo

Ok i dont have much to say, in that it's monday, i worked long and hard today and swam and got in a TRX session. Yup, exciting. I just need to update the blog bc everytime i see that Darn SPIRAL stair i get freaked out and i need to up the mojo of the moment of patience and humor.

Patience bc I know its only february, and while I am usually pretty patient I also am a scheduled gal and when my plans get messed up by something, especially something that was my fault, it takes some forgiveness of myself to move on. Granted it's not that big of a deal, just that as the owies on my back scab up ( as i felt them painfully today in supine at TRX) I know that I have to keep being patient. I seem to remember this last winter. Like the more i rest the worse i feel.

My ankle is feeling better, still a tinge yellow, but my other shin hurts now. And my wrist hurts and...I mean really? Whack me with a stick and wake me up when I am in Tucson. ( someone pack my bike ok?)

Me and Ms. Bradbury stylin the pink recovery sox!
Days are getting longer and on sunday Rich and I declared winter over. To which mother nature handed us another 4 inches of snow. Ok. We get it. You win. We laughed at our thought that we could somehow control this.

But i still told Coach Jen to write in outdoor rides for me. This is the longest winter ever and unlike winters past ( well only 2 winters bc I havent been riding that long) I have been out on my cross bike, in snow and ice and whatever there was to offer. Not Sub zero mind you, but above 18, yup, gotta go out. But this winter i got soft. The snow and ice came early. I got cozy with my trainer and my new Ipod docking station and some good tunes. But now I need to get my mo jo back and get outside. Lake Boots ready, Cross bike ready ( always dirty of course) and rear tire not to full PSI, perhaps only to about 70, but ice will tell me what to do on ride day. Loops figured out so i can stay relatively close to home and a phonecall away. I dont do well with flats in 70 degrees, and changing a Cross tire in sub freezing isnt gonna happen.

Last year, look at how clear the road / path is!

Another funny comment i heard today from KJ one of my bandit masters swim-mates ( we say that bc we all go at 6:00 am bc who can wait till 9:30 am for masters, i mean really? it works for some but not for all) she told me her 15 yo said "Mom why do THEY put potholes in the road?" I told her she should have said "Job security for summer construction." But with the snow we have had the roads are in poor shape. Good thing i have thick tires!

I am loving the TRX and signed up for a class. I am kinda scared bc I have gotten so sore plus my accident prone-ness lately, but I am trying to be patient and look long term. Long term says I need some more meat on me, and I need to work at this gradually over time and not sink all my hopes and dreams into EVERY single race i do. It is so tempting and easy to get caught up in the moment, to get obsessed with the NEXT race, whenever that may be. But for me, the real challenge is staying the course, not letting a result get the best of me, bc as I have learned FOR me, it is all about the journey and when you get to race day, if you did this right and you did your homework, its all about letting fear go and doing what you know how to do. Race from your strengths, and respect your weaknesses. Ok wasnt trying to get all Hoosiers on you:)

I want to do an IM and I know i need to be stronger. Have more power. Get some shoulders:)! Ha! ( Mom/Dad, can you do something about the Ectomorphic gene pool here?)

Well my sister in law can help i know...what? This isnt good recovery food:)! Hee.
See Molly, all the food in my pantry isnt healthy. But you are right, these dont stick around too long!

Have a good week. Watch out for laundry and stairs. ( and slippery socks)


cheryl said...

You said Hoosiers! I never hear anyone from outside of Indiana use that word. funny. winter riding - I'm getting tired of it. I'm ready for shorts and sleeveless tops - bring on Tucson! Guess I better check the forecast out there before I only bring sleeveless tops.

Angela and David Kidd said...

You are hardcore. I don't ride outside unless it's over 60. My threshold used to be 50 but I decided even that sucked too much last year. Hope you continue to heal up quickly!

Kim said...

you are diehard julia! way to get out there and fight those elements.

mmmmmm cupcakes...

Rebecca DeWire said...

I am impressed at your cold weather riding! Hope you are healing well after your staircase incident.

Beth said...

Oh I hear you on this winter. AND on the potholes! I went over one so big today I thought my car was going to be swallowed! But you know what? In a few months you and I are going to be 100% healthy and fit and riding outside and we won't even remember how injured and cold we were in Feb!! :)

Melissa said...

I hear you about needing some shoulders. I want to do an IM next year for the first time. I like your theory of not getting caught up on each and every race. I def. have B and C races.

Ange said...

ooohhh I'm so sorry you fell down the stairs! I'm so sorry!! Hang in there! I can't believe all you guys who ride outside in the winter! I am so content on my trainer when it's cold! I don't understand what you wear on your feet to keep them from freezing! (plus,I only have my TT bike so that wouldn't do..)
Heal up. AZ will be good to us!

Charisa said...

Love the pic of you girls in the socks :) hang in there!