Thursday, April 08, 2010

Day 3

Happy times!

If my selective memory serves me right day 3 was a pivotal day when we were here in October.
Rich always tells me that 72 hours is when inflammation peaks, and his body is proving to be a good case study. I am going to keep it short ( since I didnt last post!) and say we are hanging out at Mayo, the surgery was succesful in that they were able to do the procedure they had hoped, and now we wait until his GI tract calms down and he can take in nutrition and have normal body functions. ( I wont be more detailed than that!)

It sucks to see my honey in such agony, and when they put the NG tube back in we both groaned. And then he started throwing up ( double groan, bc you arent supposed to throw up with an NG tube, that is the point) and triple groan bc they have to reposition it and that hurts. Imagine a giant straw in your nose and down your throat. Ouch.

We got part way thru The Big Lebowski and he couldnt finish it. That tell's ya something bc the DUDE is Rich's favorite. Oh well, there is always tommorrow.

On my front ( yes I know i said this would be short..but..) Post Tucson I feel the effects of a less than comfortable couch here at Mayo, some fatigue still from the 10 days of training ( that i would not change in a second), I had an MRI of my left GH joint ( shoulder) and I am stressed out about Rich. Oh and I am leaving for Texas in how many days? To be honest I will be so happy to race Texas 70.3 or Lonestar or whatever it is called bc Greta hasnt even been outside yet. As for the MRI my Orthopod was not impressed and that is good. I know i still have something going on in there but thankfully nothing APPARENT that a surgeon wants to play around with. This is good news for swimming and means i just need to lay off the Atomic Pushups for a bit. OR forever. TRX is one strength wko i kinda liked so i hope i dont have to return to my stabilization and cuff exercises for good, but for now to get me to the start line of some races I would rather swim than do pushups!

Hope you are having good spring weather. We had 30 this AM and high of 53 so not really getting the 80's some of you are. Enjoy it!


Michelle Simmons said...

Hope Rich continues to get stronger and stronger every day! Normal bodily functions are always good. :)

Rest up before your 70.3! Oh, and cute suit from I have the same one. ;)

cheryl said...

I hope Rich heals up quick and gets the tube out soon. And I hope your shoulder gets better too - we do sound like we are in the same state of being (only I don't have the hubby going through what RIch is going through). I totally feel for you. and Rich. I hope you both can go home soon.
PS - how about Mondays episode of 24! That Dana is a real biatch!

Damie said...

ick...shoulder. You know I would do some mobs for you if I could. I seriously hope things get over the hump. By the way- great, sexy, fit picture!!!!

Running and living said...

The Big L is my husband's fav movie, too! It's all about the Dude! Hope Rich gets stronger and stronger! And good luck at the 70.3!

Mary said...

Glad to hear good news on the shoulder!

Our thoughts are with Rich!

Angela and David Kidd said...

The 70.3 will be such a nice break for you. Just the simplicity of focusing on a race for a few hours.

I hope Rich continues to get stronger and your time in the Mayo clinic is short.

Beth said...

Will they let Rich suck on candy?? Might help the throat pain from the NG... Anyway, thinking of you guys of course and hoping HOME is on the horizon!!

Melissa said...

Hi Julia. I hope Rich is doing better and getting stronger, and that you guys get to be home soon.

And to make a complete jump in comment with no segway...nice pic! Hello abs! :-)