Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pics from Triple Bypass

Loveland Pass

Vail Pass
Yes I was starting to get into the Hurt Locker and i was cursing the camera's for being at the tip top of these little 12% pitches with switch backs. And at this point I was hot, but wanted to be done so didnt want to do another wardrobe change.

Earlier this week Active Cyclist sent out a list of things TO NOT DO on a group ride. Things that make you a pain in the rear to ride in a group. Stuff like approach on the left and slide by without announcing yourself, etc...Scott, Rich and I said that next year we would work on those skills to be better group riders. Kidding. We made alot of noise out there with our ON YOUR LEFT. Sometimes even announcing others as they went by bc their mouths must have been full of Fig Newtons.

Wait, who said NEXT YEAR?


Melissa said...

I'm I going crazy? Did I read "next year"?

You could do the double....Triple Bypass on Saturday, Boulder Peak Oly Tri on Sunday (great classic race!).

Seriously. Hahahahaha.

Good pics!

ADC said...

You look awesome on those pics. Next year, yay!!!

Rural Girl said...

I'm really NOT a stalker. But, I saw you did a swim with Steve on his blog. I LOVE YOUR SUIT! I contemplated buying it a few months ago. Nice bike pics too!

Beth said...

I love the magazine cover shots! :) Oh and there is always a next year... ;)

runningyankee said...

you secretly love this.i can tell by the smile on your face. pics look good but man do you have aLOT of clothes on!!

Melissa said...

Nice photos. So where did they send the list? Maybe you could post that?