Friday, July 23, 2010

To IM or not to IM, that is the question...

Greetings from MN where we are finally having summer. I couldnt be happier with Open Water swims in my swimsuit with no double cap and no skinsuit or wetsuit. After last summer I really doubted not only my fitness in the lakes but also my mental toughness as i had a hard time getting thru long OWswims bc it was so chilly. Now it may not appear that way, but i have a bit more padding than i did last year, ( A good thing) and also the water temps are warmer. I actually love hanging out at the buoy chatting and i have not had one near panic attack. I know that it will get cooler again since i will be in the lake until early OCT! I just have to get used to a cold equilibrium, and not think about it. But for now I am so happy! If coach JH lets me i want to do another OW race in august.

Ok onto the bigger thought i am having. It isnt a problem and i dont mean to sound like it is. And Yes i need to come to my own decision on this, and not be overly interested in what Y'all are doing and what you think. But:) I still want to throw this out there. Since i process things by writing them here goes.

World Triathlon Corporation Announces Ironman World Championship Pro Qualifying Policy

I have been toying around with doing an IM in 2011. When the Texas IM appeared i really got butterflies. I am not sure why i love Texas. My sister is there, but that isnt all of it. I cant really say for sure, but I seriously thought YES.

JH REALISTICALY told me i was smoking something, and she was right. We have snow on the ground here till April. I know you peeps in Chicago may have snow too, and our temps are also about 10 degrees colder due to our friends Canada and their clippers. Ok it isnt a weather war, that isnt the issue. The issue is that I really cannot see training for an IM on my trainer OR on my cross bike in 20-30 degree temps. Yeah that thing is heavy and good training but, I sure would be miserable riding 5 hours outside if its close to or below freezing. Oh and then running off the bike. On the TM, in the dungeon basement? Ok point taken. Someday, maybe bc I hope we retire part of the year in Tucson. But not yet. So that little rainbow had no pot of gold at the end.

I know that i have to want to do it. And for me, i have to have passion for the race and for the distance. But heck, do you really have passion for that distance. Anyone? I also cannot stand to read or hear or just feel like i am doing it bc everyone else is, and if i dont, well...Man up Chica, do an IM.

Its like Frank the Tank. " EVERYONE IS DOING IT, come on we are streakin' the Quad." ok I love this movie, sorry, hope that doesnt disapoint anyone.
Old School

The worst thing i can do is what i am doing, break it down into this conversation:

ME " I think i could swim 2.4 miles, especially with a wetsuit."
Freaky ME " not in water that is below 70 missy, and what about those mass starts UGh."

ME " Ok not that worried i can figure out where to start, and i wont do a race where there is glacial run off water."
Freaky ME " Ok then but then you have the bike. Ha, you whine like a baby when Rich takes you on a route that he says is just around this corner, and it ends up 10-20 miles over the estimated time or route."

ME "Yes that is true, but part of that is that i dont want to do junk miles. I think that actually if i have a wko that says do this amount or this amount of time ( which i prefer to miles anyways) i will do it and that will be fine. But yes 80 miles is alot, so to think about doing 112 is well....scarey."
Freaky ME " And you put alot of pressure on yourself so you had better learn to pee on the bike so you dont have to stop. Loser, if you stop you will lose time."

ME "Well i guess I would have to re-evaluate my HTFU standards for this distance."
Freaky ME " Yeah but then you wouldnt do well and you know secretly you would LOVE to do well enough to go to Kona."

ME "Hello, i never said one word about getting a Kona slot."
Freaky Me " no you didnt but you know that you would go if you got it."

ME "Yes i would. So there."

Ok this could go on and on forever and i havent even gotten to the run part:)

I have done one open marathon. I was young and naive, and i got injured right afterwards and couldnt run for like a year. I ran a 3:20 tho so i know i could run another one, and seriously i have said that i will only run another marathon at the end of an IM. Seriously no interest in running another open 26.2

Yet if i can tell you that at Texas 70.3 in the last 4 miles and at KS 70.3 in the last 6 miles i swore i would never do an IM. Part of that shows i stink at pacing and going out running 7 min miles at KS killed me, so my bad. But it brings me to the point that I still feel like i love that HIM distance. I can do it, i think i can do it faster than i have and i can train and compete without it taking over my life. Rich may disagree, but I think i can:) And Kona is not the goal.

Sorta like how BOUS fell into my lap, i would love nothing more than to do one and only one IM, at Kona, but the likelihood of that is slim. As many have said, the luck and skill and more luck that has to go into getting a slot from the few 70.3's that act as qualifiers for Kona is rough.

And since i dont even know which races are qualifiers it seems silly to chase around the country and hunt it, if i dont really have a passion for the race i am headed to. Plus it isnt like i can drive to many races from good ol' South of the Canadian border. Too bad MN doesnt have a 70.3 or an IM:)

So will i sign up for IM MOO in 2011. I dont know. I really dont.

As i said, i have some neat new things happening for the end of 2010 season and that may mean my race focus is a bit more local with more trips to the 70.3 pain cave. I am so new to this it really is a win-win. The goal is to be fufilled and injury free. If i can keep racing and keep getting faster if even by a little bit as i head into the 45-49 AG that will be the best reward ever.
Happy weekend everyone, stay healthy.


Anonymous said...

I've had that conversation many times! For ego sake, I'd like to do one, but the run is really deterring me. Crowie did his first IM without having ever done an open 26.2 as have many others. Anyway, Ben made some good points in his email...Have fun deciding!

MB said...

Oops, that was me! MB

Molly said...

I totally understand the internal debate. No matter what you select, your coach will make sure you are healthy and ready to tear it up at the start line.

I myself am debating whether to do another one next year. I'm going down to volunteer...beyond that, we'll see how I feel in 4 months :-)

Rebecca DeWire said...

I used to have a passion for racing that distance until my hip turned into a total disaster training for my 3rd. And then Scott almost drown at IMCDA, so in general I am pissed at that distance. But I am sure that at some point I will do it again.

It is definitely worth doing and since you have the desire you should figure out when all of that crazy training will best fit into your life. Good luck with your decision.

TriGirl Kate O said...

You are rockin' those 70.3 races and I know you can achieve a Kona slot. You'd be great at the IM distance too--just look at how you kicked butt in CO! You know you can count on me to sherpa for you in Hawaii!

cheryl said...

haha, you better learn to pee on the bike! ;-)

Running and living said...

I think you really need to want the IM, you really have to have no doubts about it, at least at the beginning, because I bet anyone has doubts when the training gets rough. If you have doubts, than don't do it. Maybe you'll feel different in a month, maybe not, I would not close the door, but I would not train for one without being 100% sure I want to do one. Of course, I have my first HIM in August, so I really have no idea what I am talking about. In your case, I have no doubt that you would be successful in doing one (no doubt). The issue is whether you have the fire in the belly!

Angela and David said...

IM Lake Placid! It's a gorgeous course with moderate temps. And the race has such a special feel. I've done IMOO as well and other than Kona, IM Lake Placid is the only other IM I would do (well, I could probably be talked into doing one in Europe).

Anonymous said...

You will figure it out and you can always count on JH to tell you what she thinks. You do have to REALLY want to race an IM to make it through the training and race. I LOVE this stuff, but it's not for everyone. I am positive you will figure out what is right for you :D. And you are kicking butt at the 70.3's, keep up the amazing work!!

Beth said...

How fun and exciting!! I think once you get to the point where you need some sort of other challenge, IM is the way to go. Seems like IMMOO would be so perfect for you - timing and course wise and of course close location! No matter what you decide it will be awesome! :)

ADC said...

Hey come and do one in Europe. :)

Betsy said...

Do it!!!!!!!

Ironman Lake Placid opens today :) I really want to do that one too....even though whe I got off my bike last weekend and started to run 13.1 I was thinking no freakin' way in hell I can do 112 and 26.2.

But - if you race correctly you shouldn't really be able to do much more than the distance at hand at that intensity, right?

SSB said...

I hear ya on the cold water. I say go for it. Ironman races are not as hard as they seem. The intensity is less than a HIM and so the race is soo much more enjoyable.

Melissa said...

"It taste so good when it hits your lips".

Oh the internal debate...I think you'll figure it out by the time IMMoo registration comes around. I know from signing up for IMKY last year your heart really needs to be in it to do the training (mine wasn't). My friends are in the grasp of IMCA training right now and they are walking zombies...but then again it's all about how you manage your time and training, everyone is different.

You do race the 70.3's really well!

I am officially NOT doing an IM next year.

Libby said...

go for it! you won't regret it. I think the fact that you are thinking it over so thoroughly is a good thing, it means that you respect the distance and what it takes to get there. maybe we can both do IMWI in 2011!