Friday, February 03, 2012

11 things about me

I got tagged by Dr. Tri Runner ( Erika) Here's her website...So here goes:

My 11 questions… and answers.

1. Where were you at in your life ten years ago? Where do you see yourself hope to be ten years from today?
Lets see i was 35 yo almost 36. I was working as a PT both in the clinic and just started doing some probono work for my current employer. viola. here i am. I was not running, I had hamstring tendonopathy and i was just playing tons of tennis and loving it. 
10 years from now? Still doing what i love, teaching older adults how to stay upright and hopefully doing some sort of activity. Cant say it will be SBR for sure. And the love of my life will be with me every day!
2. If you could meet any one person in the world, who would it be? (Dead or alive.)
Now I should say Roger, but I will say my great grandparents on both sides. 
3. If you had to describe your life with a movie title, what would it be?
There she goes.
4. If you could be a professional in any sport for a week other than the one you already do, what sport would it be?
Duh. Tennis. if that doesnt count i would pick golf. 
5. What does the title of your blog mean / where did it come from?
When i started blogging i had no idea why i was doing it, and it was all about my family and random stuff. I have an immense love for my alma-mater, as you may know so that was an easy pick. Plus i really didnt want a blog with my name or something unique like :Tennis player or Swim Bike Run. how novel.
6. Your first kiss, in 5 words. Cool, interesting, cute boy. ( that is 4)
7. If you could go back in time and study anything different in school, or go down any other career path than the one you chose, what would it be? Nope. I totally found my way doing what i did. How a BA in government and some internships at law firms led me to Physical Therapy is anyone's guess, but I wouldnt change a thing. Plus i went to a school for liberal arts and i learned to read and write. Not just find a career at the age of 22. 
8. What would choose for your last meal? Lobster. 
9. If you could stay one age for the rest of your life, a la Tuck Everlasting, how old would you be? I really love my life RIGHT NOW, today. So i guess that is 45 yo. But i did love it when i turned 40, despite so many women moaning and groaning about 40 yo. I totally loved it.  
10. What is the race at the top of your bucket list? Well I will hopefully knock one of those off this spring, St Croix. But i would love to do IM Texas sometime. and well. Kona. 
11. Describe your ideal day: If we are talking related to training, well it has to be summer and it has to involve a long ride with my honey. And ideally our First Light gang, Kyle and Scott. Then it would involve a swim at Square Lake, and then it would be a party here at our house grilling up some good food and drinking a bootleg. But just one, i cant handle my booze like i used to! 


Steve said...

None of our lives are perfect, but our lives all have a lotta fun stuff in it!!

Glad I am getting to know you a bit, and think as a person you rock. Not cuz of tri or anything, but just cuz uuuuuu are not afraid to be you!!!

Just keep being who you are!! We all think you rock!! :)


The Triathlon Rx said...

That does sound like a wonderful "ideal day" ... and very doable!! Maybe we can coordinate a square lake / swim / bike / BBQ this summer. :)

elizabeth said...

Aww, I love it!! How the heck did you get to PT through your degree - ha! I agree that a Liberal Arts degree is worth it, even if it's not specifically career oriented. :)

SSB said...

Yay for St Croix. I committed mentally to it today.

cheryl said...

I hope dq is a close second to lobster ;-)

Damie said...

sweet. :)
Hey, you can still do IMTX. I know you have terrible weather, but you would probably be training at least as much as me anyways! ha! :) xo