Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Can you say SORORITY?

Even though there is a fun race report from a swim meet that actually was more about staying warm and trying to not finish DFL in all my races this is far more amusing. Playing Where's Waldo Julia?
Yes I was in a sorority at Dartmouth. It was fun. I have no idea really what possessed me to join, but alot of tennis players were in Sigma Kappa so i just followed along. I think i had the most fun my sophmore summer, when i lived in the house. Otherwise i was pretty much the one who left meetings early and went to bed while everyone else hung out, went out, or stayed up way later than i did. This sounds somewhat familar to my life now:) 

This photo is from our Sophmore summer formal. If you didnt know, formals were THE THING. Date or not, and who cares if you really like your date, they were a chance to get dressed up, have some 'tails and dance!And this one was the best bc we were used to dressing up for FALL WINTER SPRING formals which in New Hampshire means COLD COLDER WETTER in the temperature/forecast range.

 This is with Kajy and Gail. I was great friends with them and still get an Xmas card from Kajy. I am not sure where Gail is. But we had alot of fun.

 This is from a Fall formal, I think this is my junior year. I am pretty sure i wore that floral curtain dress the year i went to the formal with my friend and runner Bob the Dog. Bob went on to win the NCAA Xcountry and a few years after we graduated became an Olympian with Ed Eyestone and Steve Spence in the  marathon. I saw Bob a few years ago, he is from Hopkins and is an MD at the U of MN. Still runs, just not as fast and not as far.

And Do i have a clue as to what this is? No! I do NOT remember this picture but now that i study it i do remember that vest, that i obviously stretched making up some cleavage. Too funny.
I "borrowed" these off our Sigma Kappa Website that Catherine ( below) started and I am so excited to have emails for some of these lovely ladies. I may not have been THAT active in the sorority, I actually was too busy playing tennis. But i still value the friendships i made, and its fun to think about re-meeting these folks. And wow is it funny to see these pictures.
 Last, this is me and Suzy.
Looking sorta normal. Remember those Francois and somebody Girbaud jeans?
And if only i could have gotten a picture of the Bartyles and Jaymes wine coolers, We pretty much lived off those. oh and this awful concoction of Mauna Loa drink ( what is that anyways) and some bad vodka.

Not to make this all about drinks, beacuse it wasnt ( for me, thank you very much) but some of the stuff that was served at formals or at room to room tails. It makes my blood sugar rise thinking about it.
To go from White Russians, to Kamikazes, to Strawberry daquiris ?? I cant even think about all that sugar.  I hated beer in college, the frats smelled like bad beer. And other than Phi REDs, which were the sort of thing that burned a hole in the trash cans ( think RED KOOLAID AND BAD grain Alcohol) I didnt drink much at frat parties. I did have to play pong, and since i was so good ( LOB or SMASH?) I didnt have to drink alot.

Anyways, tangent but pretty fun to remember how excited we would get for those formals!

And my favorite:

Hope you are all having a great week!


Beth said... you went to a formal with THE Bob K?!?!?! Ahhhh...Sooooo coooool!!! :-)

Molly said...

So funny!!! Great photos :) I could pick you out for sure in all of them!

Steve said...

I never joined a frat, although I rushed a few times (free beer). My college career = "It Was The Best Of Times, It Was The Worst Of Times". :)

I was only good enough to play small College Soccer, but I hated the sport by that time!! :)

Angela and David said...

So fun. That floral dress is something else, but your friends silver dress is super cute. This post makes me want to dig out some college pictures. We could never join sororities because our preseason was during rush and our coach would have given us so much grief but my brother and sister loved Greek life at UF.

cheryl said...

I thought ypu were going to finish the post with I went to a formal with Fed!

Teresa said... 'em! And yes, beer is/was nasty!! :)

Damie said...

okay- I LOVE the picture with the white dress. You look arms and all!!!!!!! So, so funny. I LOVE looking back at college pics. xoxoxo good times-

Kim said...

ugh i dont know how we survived college drinking all that crap! you are so super cute!

Jennifer Harrison said...

I LOVE sorority pics. Makes me want to look at the PHOTO BOOKS...yep, you have them too, right? Books with actual pictures in them. CRACK ME UP. Sigma Kappa? We did not have them at ISU...but the sorority was fun...but I will say....I was a Gamma Phi Beta and had fun, but it was so not my thing looking back. LOVE the pics - so cute and innocent!!