Wednesday, February 22, 2012

One week later...

And I never thought i was a fast healer, but viola, pretty amazing the body isnt it?
Nothing much to report here today, just show and tell:
I did a nice 4000yd little swim and this is how it looked after. I was a bit paranoid, but Rich said it was fine, and we put a steri strip on it just to be sure. I see the MD tmmrw, so he can be all happy about his work and hopefully tell me it was nothing bc who gets melanoma subcutaneously under their palmar skin? ( I was going to say aponeurosis, but i know Kari doenst like medical terms)
Other than that the weekend was really stressful. I guess i undersestimated how much this would take out of me mentally, i was devastated to miss Valentine's day ( kidding) and my tri week was a rest week which was good, but i think i needed another rest week again bc sunday i woke up and could not walk. I really could NOT put weight on my left leg.
I attribute this to:
Heels at a wedding the night before, not walking normally in a full stride
A dumb massage where i let her dig into my hip flexors a bit too  much after a 1:30 hour trainer ride
The ride wasnt over the top, but it had some efforts in it, but gee whiz. really?

I think it is/was  my Sartorius ( longest mm in the body) but it was like all the sudden 2 days later it was gone.  I did have someone "Clear" my hip, and i was negative for anything in the joint and i could not reproduce the pain at all. The worst was that i could not for the life of me get off the toilet. Funny I know. my leg buckled. I am still a bit sore in the groin region but i ran today and so far so good.It seems like sleeping and the AM is the worst. Sounds like I am getting old, doesnt it? Well too old for heels, they went into the back of the closet never to be seen again.


Steve said...

I didn't even know you were injured... I must have missed something... well besides the thingy you got removed.

I thought you were really tall, you wear heels?? Yikes. :)

I am old too, and feeling it today for some reason.

oh, I don't know any medical, or anatomy, or any of those terms you put in your blog. I know nothing of the human body. :)

Have a good night, and hoping for good news from the doc. :)

Angela and David said...

That scar looks good! Fingers. Crossed that you get good news tomorrow. Glad to hear your leg is oming around. I get stuck on the toilet too these days.

SSB said...

I've been disabled by heels too many times! Most recently I can't wear them w/o my calves rebelling.

Hope you get good news!

cheryl said...

Hold on, I need to go get an anatomy book! :-)

Teresa said...

So glad your incision is healing up nicely, even post LONG swim :)

I wish we could just live in heels and never feel the horrible effects of them....oh well, back to the running shoes!


The Triathlon Rx said...

I like the anatomy... makes sure I stay on my game. :)

Hahah I was [---] this close from ordering a pair of boots online the other day with a pretty solid heel. Talked myself out of it after about 15 minutes telling myself I'd find a way to get injured. :D

Fingers crossed for good news!

beth said...

glad both of your extremeties are healing fast!

yes- ditch the heels!!!!!

thinking of you guys always ;)