Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What Did you do on Valentine's Day?

Ya this will be short bc I am typing one handed.
Here I am looking pretty smug
no problemo

It's about NOW I am fondlyrecalling my melanoma excision in the Derm's oupatient surgery center 4+ yearsago. Here I have had a shot of Lido and Epi ( numb it and vasoconstrict it) that wasthe size of Mt everest.I kid you not. I am ok with injections. But when I sawthat syringe i knew we werein for abattle.
I pulled out a few " damn it you felt worse at mile 20 of IM...." and "breathe." I think  the PA nearly got kicked bc this was a three for. three or as rich says a"triangulation ---insert some medical term"

I think i fired off afew desperate texts to rich, damie and Jen and read a chapter of my book to distract which i nowneed to read again.
Note the surgeon's signing off AT and me saying YES this hand.

It all started here:

 And if you hadnt had a melanoma and a viglient DERM you would, as i did, think its a broken blood vessel that sorta clotted, for lack of a better term. But when she see'sblue or black that means"Biopsy" andsadly this was setting up housekeeping in the palmar aponeurosis ( fascia) or actually I think it was deeper bc Doc Thomas said he had agood look at the Ulnar Nerve and Artery and they were fine. That both fascinates me and makes me realize hewas digging away deeper than the fascia.

So now i feel like this:


See? Close isnt it?

But i still made dessert:)
And no, much to many's suggestions i didnt use my hand as an oven mit.

The prognosis is good. He said its likely a Hemangioma, or a blood vessel, but they sent it off to get biopsied for sure. Overall I am glad i did it. It didnt bother me other than riding or pumping my tires, but once you have had the C word,and knowingwhat battles Rich has ahead its silly to not get this out.
I cant swim for a few days but that is ok. I have an Rx for some vicodin that i wont fill and hopeully iwill feel better soon!
Hope you had a less eventful day!


Angela and David said...

Oh, I can imagine that needle! Glad it's over for you. And that is some impressive typing with one hand.

Molly said...

Yikes! I'm glad you are OK! And impressed with your 1-handed typing skills :)

Michelle Simmons said...

Argh! That does not sound fun! GLAD you got it out though! Heal up fast!

Anonymous said...

Heal up quickly. Will be thinking of you, and hoping that the biopsy comes back "all clear"
Danielle G

Beth said...

Yuck. I'm sure you are glad it's over with and glad it's out! Hope you heal up fast!!! Thinking of you Julia!!

Kim said...

positive thoughts for a speedy recovery julia!!!

Jennifer Harrison said...

OH! NO pics please! :) Heal fast and so glad you got it done too! Better safe!

The Triathlon Rx said...

Glad you got it checked out, and will be praying it comes back negativo!! I need to pay a visit to the derm too to check on a few of these moles. Hard to keep track when you have so dang many!! :D

ADC said...

Oh I didn't realise this is how you've spent yesterday. Heal quickly. Oh and very wise thing to do.

elizabeth said...

OUCH! SOunds like all will be good in your world, which makes me happy! :) Happy Valentines Day!!

Teresa said...

Gosh girl! I am so glad you are okay...and treated yourself to dessert too! Rest up.


Rural Girl said...

Recovery quickly and fully, Julia.