Monday, March 19, 2012

It's been a long few weeks

Just a check in to let you know i am alive. Despite people thinking if you dont blog you must be injured or otherwise not interested in training, this isnt the case. Lately I have just been busy busy busy and barely even getting my normal day to day stuff done, much less blogging.

The past few weeks have been tough, and i mean Life Tough, not " OMG i had to do a track workout and i nearly died" tough. That sorta tough i can do. Life tough is harder. From my hand not fully wanting to be normal, to going to Mayo for a day with my sister ( she is ok), to Chemo and some stuff with Rich it has had me not taking very good care of myself. It's not like i am trying to NOT take care of myself, it just sorta happens that way. Usually it culminates in something like me pulling what i am calling a BETH SHUTT.
I walked into our lower basement closet ( its under the stairs, so you know where this is going) and there is no light. Why we store our wheel bags in there, in the dark is unknown to me. So WHAM i walk into the stair and hit a nail with my forehead. But I am very determined to find some skewers. I feel the blood but i decide not to look in the mirror for fear of freaking out. Rich tells me to wash it, I have blood all over my forehead. I was proud i didnt start crying and melt down. But i did look like a dork at the pool today with my snoopy bandaid, actually i switched it out for a clear water proof one. It's not deep just looks like i poked my head:)

Then i was looking for a pedal wrench that Rich needs and i had a few close calls with cabinets, etc and knew it was time to stop before i really did need stitches. This ends a long week.

My hand has 1-2 stitches that are not dissolving. So i guess your body tries to get them out. So i have a hard time resting on the hoods when riding my road bike. I have a little set up i can use with a corn donut but it still hurts when i hit bumps and my hand cramps bc I have to hold it funny. But i cant complain, I am outside riding. No complaints just wish it wouldnt hurt!

Spending a full day at Mayo was good, we got some answers for my sister, and i felt like the A++ tourguide knowing all the buildings, where to park, where to get Jimmy John's and where all the best bathrooms are. But at the same time it really freaked me out. It brought back some really BAD ( for lack of a better negative vibe term) memories and as much as i love that place for medical care Its sad bc everyone there for the most part is there for something serious. When you think about it, that makes it touching and scarey to be there again.

Then i ran a race this weekend. I had not felt great all week, just tired, and didnt feel recovered and not sleeping great. I have gotten to the point where i am looking for my "nibble" of ambien at night. I dont like taking that, but even 1/4 of a 10 mg pill helps. We had a work dinner friday night that was for Rich and I had to go. IT was not what i would have eaten before a half mary and it was alot of "blahlblahblah" I would not have normally done the night before a race either. I had no wine. And after the race saturday i had a split second of thinking I must have needed wine. Then when i nearly passed out in my sisters kitchen I realized that was not what i needed the night before. I needed salt.

IT as hot and humid. And the course was deceptively challenging with a mostly downhill out with a tailwind and a mostly uphill back with a headwind. I Ran that entire thing in Zone 4. Yup. Maybe that will get me out of some interval work to come, but honestly that was how hard i was working to keep a 7:15-7:20 pace. And i knew around mile 4 i was not going to be able to do that. I eased it back a bit and at the turn around the hills hit and the wind hit and it was a total sufferfest. My toes cramped around mile 8, my quad starting to talk to me around mile 8 too. The only other time i have had toe cramps, you know, the one's that wake you up at night when they get STUCK? those. Was in Kansas last year and as i ran and tried to not blowup, I had the " LIGHT BULB" go off.

Guess who needs salt? Me! Guess who had no clue she would need salt in March at an 8 am race? ME!
I had plenty of Kcals on board, just not enough Na+ so i shot a powergel ( brought it just in case as i had a hand held flask i knew i would ditch) and i think that Powergel and its CRAMP busting powers got me over the finish much slower than the way out, but still within 3 minutes of my flat and cool race in April in Naples FLA. Hard to swallow that run as i felt much better trained than i ran, but i also felt like those last 4 miles were like the IM. So guess i did what i could. As I left the race site there were at least 2 ambulances so i know i didnt hurt myself. Walked to my sisters about a mile away then got sorta woozy so she gave me some gatorade. I had given my beer coupons away:)

As much as that Half was hard and I kept telling myself to be Brave, to not giveup even tho i felt like my legs were LEAD, it will serve me i know. It wasnt THAT hot but the humidity was up and 70's and humid is a change from 40-50 even. It tells me what i need to work on with the nutrition for my upcoming hot races, and i am determined to give the Liquid shot one more try bc it just sits better in my stomach than the powergels, But it will mean some playing around with Salt Stick. Scarey to think i dont have this down yet. and it is EARLY I know we arent acclimated!

We head west thursday, after rich gets unplugged from chemo. I really need a vacation. A vacation to take care or me, to do what i want to do, and not what everyone else needs. I need a vacation to just decompress, not worry, to not worry about whether my mother in law knows where we are every minute, and after a week of that I get to go play with my JHC pals. I cant wait.


elizabeth said...

Oh Julia, you sound tired & a bit defeated. And I hope your vacation lets you unplug and reset! If you need to vent, you can always shoot me an email. I'm cheering for you in all aspects of your life! Take care, xoxox!

melissa caron said...

Well thank goodness you are going to see Jen!

Steve said...

Has it been two weeks already?? I always forget the stress in your life.

Stress takes stuff out of us we don't even know, you know?? Some parts of life we cannot plan, and we just have to deal. You do a good job at that, and yay for vaca. Sounds like you need it.

Take care, and have a great week. :)

Jennifer Harrison said...

We are going to have so much fun in got my email today: POOL, HOT TUB, BBQ....Lemmon, Madiera, Sabino, The ABBEY...what else do you need? gets better and better. You have had a TOUGH few weeks+, but you are super super resilient. see you soon!!!!

Molly said...

I'm so sorry it's been rough lately but I'm glad you are heading out of town soon to get some much needed R&R. I think it will help you both!!!

Angela and David said...

Too bad we can't get together for some wine sooner - you need it! Enjoy AZ and take care of yourself!

Anonymous said...

Before I got to your last paragraph, I was going to write you a prescription for a weekend away with Rich. Sounds like you have an even better plan. Enjoy your travels! Sorry about the experience with your sis but glad she is okay.
Danielle G

Beth said...

Oh you totally pulled a Beth Shutt!! Hahaha!! :-) Battle wounds are good though. And I know you will figure out the nutrition. Its hard because it's an ever changing plan as your body adapts - your sodium needs are higher now than they will be in August...but you will get it! Tucson will be a good place to practice!! Have fun out west!!!

The Triathlon Rx said...

Almost a year after my first hip surgery I felt a little itch and a poke poke poke and sure enough here was this little clear head of a suture sticking out of my leg. Funny how just one little stitch can be so damn stubborn!

Sounds like that trip is right on time. I'm feeling/doing the same, and headed to the airport on Saturday morning. Time to get outta Dodge!!

TriGirl Kate O said...

I'll buy some wine. We'll drink when the hills are pink, and promptly pass out for the next day's torture. xoxo

Caroline said...

Ohhhh, you definitely deserve a vacation. Hope Rich is doing well and your sister too. Tucson will heal all things stress related :) I like Kate's plan.

Anonymous said...

Have fun in AZ!! I will miss you guys. Nothing like racing in the midwest when it's 40 degrees above normal.